Titans are ready to collide when Godzilla vs. Kong propitiously releases in theaters and on HBO Max sooner than we thought the film would, in two months.

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As scintillating and long-awaited as their battle is, the two Kings are liable to patch things up and face whatever looming threat together – be that Mechagodzilla or Mecha-King Ghidorah or some folly of man.

Saying that, there are more menaces to the safety of mankind from beyond the stars and deep within the Hollow Earth in the MonsterVerse than we all realize.

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Lingering on the latter subterranean locale, a new theory from the kaiju enthusiasts at DangerVillle posits potential for an armageddon-level event resting right under our noses with Legendary’s new Titan.

Other than its venomous spines, flight capability, sharp teeth, and residence in the Hollow Earth, not much is known about the Warbat – a monster created exclusively for Godzilla vs. Kong.

Most of what we gleaned about a beast we’ve only seen in action for a few seconds in the trailer comes from the description accompanying listings for the Playmates toy.

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A recently updated listing revealed a crucial detail: that the Warbat isn’t a singular creature. It possesses untold numbers in the depths of the planet and that’s where DangerVille’s theory springs from.

While it’s not clear if these monsters work as a cohesive unit, it’s plausible they have the advantage of the swarm effect and could overrun whole populations of people as easily as one or more of their fellow Titans.

Godzilla vs Kong-Serpent

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Emerging from the caverns of the underground, a swarm of Warbats could spread far and wide by air, or sea – assuming they can swim and no force strong enough stands in their way, not even the storms surrounding Skull Island.

They’d likely breed like rabbits or snakes with no natural predators to keep their numbers in check. And as an undiscovered cave-dwelling species, sci-fi nerds should expect Warbats to act more ferocious and erratic than normal animals.

Godzilla; Kong on Skull Island vs Mechagodzilla and snake

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Hundreds, thousands, or even meager dozens coming out of the ground or making landfall all at once would decimate humanity in short order with their poison and voracious appetites.

Judging by their fangs and the usual diet of the average snake that includes animals of all sizes, humans would be on the menu – making any metropolitan area a buffet for these winged serpents. 

Titanus Nozuki-Godzilla Animated

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Mankind’s best efforts without the aid of Godzilla or Kong would prove futile. We’d be forced, in a worst-case scenario, to seek refuge where we aren’t easy prey to the Warbats who, odds are, would still be multiplying – and not to mention feasting.

Life, as we know it and take it for granted, would be a thing of the past. But, luckily, this is just a film theory and as the GVK trailer shows us, Warbats are no match for Kong and his untapped potential as a designated hitter.

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Still, the theory is a solid premise for a sequel if Godzilla vs. Kong, out March 31st, is successful enough to build on a demand for more MonsterVerse content.

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