Along with the new footage released over the weekend and Entertainment Weekly’s preview containing a mild spoiler prior to that, the cast and character details of Godzilla vs. Kong have been updated.


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Courtesy of IMDB – a site which kept many of the character names and some of the actors playing them under wraps – and with a deserving H/T to The Kaijuologist, we know who is playing who. We can also confirm the existence of the rumored organization Apex and what it is.

First off, Kaijuologist points out we will be introduced to the fallen Serizawa’s son, Ren, played by Shun Oguri – a Japanese actor known for a 2014 live-action adaptation of Lupin the 3rd.

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Ren’s father Ishiro (Ken Watanabe) sacrificed himself to power up Godzilla in the last movie. Based on Oguri’s place in the credits, Ren is an important character, though we know nothing about his arc yet.

It appears there will be several family dynamics in Godzilla vs. Kong. Adding to the younger Serizawa are the return of Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown) and her dad (Kyle Chandler) and the new character Maya Simmons played by Eiza Gonzalez.

Demian Bichir (The Hateful Eight) portrays a character – Walter Simmons – with the same last name as Gonzalez’s character. This parallel is a probable indicator the two are father and daughter or uncle and niece or something along those lines.

So far, all we know about Gonzalez’s character from set photos is she works for Monarch. Much like Oguri, her spot in the credits gives the impression she is a central player, so we should see her around a lot of the action.

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According to Gonzalez herself in an interview last year, Godzilla vs. Kong is about “two young girls” and there is a good chance she’s talking about Madison and Maya. We can guess with a fair amount of accuracy the soap opera of Madison and her dad will continue on. If Maya has the same storyline, complete with daddy issues, is unclear.

It appears crystal clear Alexander Skarsgard, confirmed as Nathan Lind and positioned at the very top of the credits, is the leading human character. If spoilers prove true, expect him to be closer to Kong than Godzilla or any other monster.

Expect as well an appearance by a certain robot kaiju that’s an infamous hallmark of Toho’s franchise, and we know where it comes from. As noted IMDB verifies Apex is a cybernetics company and anyone who knows their Godzilla knows there is only one thing cybernetic expertise is good for here: Mechagodzilla.

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It’s virtually beyond a shadow of a doubt now that Apex builds the steely monster, as spoilers contended. And if they have armed guards – enough for a security force – Apex is perhaps protecting the facility where they construct him.

Speculation hints they could have an outpost under Skull Island and, given what we know about the Hollow Earth Anti-gravity Vehicle, or HEAV, that explores what its name suggests, Mecha G may not be all Apex creates to further their ends. 

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Those ends are thought to be at the heart of the conspiracy against the Titans given away in a few of GVK’s synopses. Rebecca Hall, who was previously pegged to break bad in Iron Man 3, is at the head of that conspiracy and Apex, say the spoilers.

The same spoilers claim Lance Reddick, credited as “Monarch Director,” is the right hand of Hall’s character, Ilene Andrews, which sounds like he functions as her bodyguard. Since Reddick plays a Director of a major organization, that can’t be and the relationship with Andrews has to be more complex. 

As conspiracies go, my theory is she is secretly head of Apex, in the vein of Kaiser Soze, and cozies up to Monarch to gain their trust, eventually stabbing them in the back and putting all her cards on the table.

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How any of it plays out or fits together won’t be known for a few short months, but fortunately, Warner Bros. shortened the wait, and Godzilla vs. Kong drops on HBO Max and most everywhere on March 26.

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