A new leak related to the long-awaited fourth installment of Legendary Pictures’ MonsterVerse has given fans a closer look at a brand new kaiju that Godzilla and King Kong will face on the path to their colossal showdown.

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As presented on Kaiju News Outlet’s Twitter page, courtesy of the Playmates toy line based on the film, we now have new images of Godzilla vs Kong’s terrifying serpent kaiju, the Warbat.

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You can view them in the post above or right here down below.

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As you can see, the Warbat figure stands at 6 inches tall in a semi-coiled pose and dwarfs the included Osprey aircraft accessory, one of several unique accessories each figure in the line seems to have.

We last saw the Ospreys helicopters, as employed by Monarch, being kicked around in battle by Godzilla and King Ghidorah in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. If the toy’s proportions are relatively accurate to the those seen in the film, it appears that the Warbat is nearly equal in size to the two Titans.

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Certainly, that is an important revelation, but what we learn from the release of the images doesn’t end there.

While the Warbat’s impressive size is an important revelation, it’s far from the only piece of new information gleamed from sources related to the recently revealed figure, as an online listing for the figure provided by UK retailer Smyths Toys offers a spoiler related to the creature’s origins.

Smyths’ product description for the Warbat labels it as one of many “Hollow Earth Monsters,” confirming this bad boy comes from beneath the surface, possibly from below Skull Island. 

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It gets better. Included in the toy’s summary of the beast’s attributes, it is revealed that not only is the Warbat a venomous hunter “powerful enough to tear through armored vehicles with its massive fangs,” but that “the Warbats are venom-winged monsters that hunt the hidden depths of the hollow earth”, a hint that there may be more than one for the kaiju kings to contend with.

DangerVille, the YouTube channel of kaiju experts which has been keeping many of us up to date on all things Godzilla vs. Kong, did a thorough dissection and product review of the Smyths listing.

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Based on the toy’s summary description of the Warbat’s immensely powerful fangs, DangerVille host Alastair thinks the snaky kaiju will be smaller than its peers and speculates that the creatures will use their numbers to overpower prey in order to do real damage.

Alastair also guesses, based on the way Warbat’s background is written, that the spines of its wings may be venom-tipped or shoot out poison in an additional use of its reptile-like toxin production.


“We can’t really say but it’s safe to assume the monsters work together in swarms to attack, poison, and consume other Titans and creatures,” he said.

Warbats, or at the very least one, may zero in on an unsurprising alpha Titan in the film, as a plot leak of Godzilla vs. Kong avowed that a lone Warbat would take on the Eighth Wonder in the first act and lose, fleeing the battle never to be seen again.

There’s no vouching for that supposed spoiler until we see the movie, but the summary in Smyths’ listing could be nothing more than MonsterVerse lore-building on the part of Playmates meant to contextualize the story in GVK rather than give away details.

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That argument would be cut and dry if not for the addition of the Osprey, as the previously seen military aircraft indicate that the Warbat may meet some military or Monarch resistance when it emerges from the Hollow Earth seeking to wreak havoc on the surface. Otherwise, like the Skullcrawler figure,  the toy would’ve come with a HEAV designed for exploring the underground caverns.

Again, keep in mind that this is nothing more than speculation, as the vehicle accessories might be solely to make their toys more appealing and may have little to do with what actually happens in the film.

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Case in point, a supposed appearance by MechaGodzilla, alongside a version of Mega Godzilla wearing an unexplained apparatus that could potentially serve to power him up, was suggested via a preview of the toy line leaked last year.

However, despite claims to the contrary made by alleged spoilers posted to 4chan, neither MechaGodzilla nor Mega Godzilla have been solidly confirmed for the movie

As for the Warbat figure, here are some extra images from Smyths’ online product listing, including its “Battle Damage Reveal” gimmick.

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Before you set your heart on buying a Warbat from Smyths, which costs £9.99 GBP (or about $12 USD), it should be noted that the item is unfortunately currently out of stock.

On the bright side, while the particularly impatient have time to find out if the retailer will ship orders across the Atlantic, the figure will also be made available for sale to US audiences at Wal-Mart, presumably in time for the overdue May 21st release of Godzilla vs Kong on HBO Max.

What do you make of the Warbat figure? Are you interested in picking up any GVK figures? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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