More leaks hint at what could happen in Godzilla vs. Kong and how all the pieces fit. Possible spoilers lie ahead so, though they may demand a few grains of salt, be warned.

Coming from 4chan, an anonymous user posted details about Apex, Mechagodzilla, the Hollow Earth, Alexander Skarsgard’s character, and the big fight (or fights) between Godzilla and King Kong.

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We’ve heard a lot about Apex, mainly that it’s the villain of the film, but we don’t know what it is. The post says it is a biotech company run by Rebecca Hall and Lance Reddick (John Wick) is her enforcer, which sounds a lot like Malin Akerman and Energyne in Rampage.

Iron Man3-Rebecca Hall

And Apex must be a conglomerate with some kind of military contract because they have the means to construct Mechagodzilla. It’s not clear if they do so on or beneath Skull Island, but, regardless, they want to kill Godzilla and rule the Titans.

On the mainland, Monarch fights against them with the Russells (Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobby Brown) in tow.


According to the post, Mechagodzilla has an Orca and that’s what calls the Titans to Skull Island. Either Apex makes their own Orca or they steal a duplicate Monarch built secretly. The prototype Orca, remember, was destroyed with Vera Farmiga and Boston in King of the Monsters.

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Mechagodzilla from "Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla" - Toho Eizo

The post doesn’t say if Mechagodzilla has a pilot or is automated although the latter seems implied.

He is set loose when Godzilla is at his most vulnerable, after his climactic bout with Kong. Kong and Godzilla’s combined efforts are required to take him down; which fits with previous leaks that said Mecha-G is very powerful.


The post reiterates previous rumors that state Kong lives in the Hollow Earth beneath Skull Island and grows because of the plentiful radiation. Warbat, the new flying serpent monster, dwells there too and is awakened by the call of Mechagodzilla’s Orca. Kong ends up fighting and killing it.

Sounds like Warbat is making one appearance. In other words, yup, those toys will be a collector’s item.

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King Kong

Kong has an ax and also a new human friend in Stellan Skarsgard’s character. They interact a lot, it reads, and neither Skarsgard nor Eiza Gonzalez – Monarch scientists – are trained or equipped for the craziness they get caught up in.

This is consistent with Legendary Comics’ tie-in prequel graphic novel starring Kong. Two people land on Skull Island with Dr. Houston Brooks and see Kong investigating the death of a tiger Titan. Monarch is on the island researching the Titans; it follows they explore the Hollow Earth with the HEAV.

Kong and Brooks


Trouble starts between Godzilla and Kong when Big G shows up on Skull Island to find and destroy the Orca. He “begins wrecking shit,” it says, and Kong won’t have it. He refuses to bow to Godzilla and they fight.

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The “first round” occurs on an aircraft carrier – like in the CCXP clip and on the Playmates toy box art – and “Godzilla wins,” apparently. Round two “happens in neon-lit nighttime Hong Kong,” as reported. The fight lasts five-minutes and is one take.

Who wins? There’s “No clear winner,” like we’ve been hearing, “but there is an implication that…Kong would win by wearing Godzilla down,” if the battle was longer.

Their slugfest and the film, essentially, end in a stalemate. Godzilla is still King of all Monsters and Kong maintains rule over Skull Island which becomes the home of the Titans again. Most leaks and theories say the same thing.

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View the forum post and spoilers for yourself:

Godzilla vs Kong Spoilers

Whether you want to believe it or not, the claims shared are consistent with other leaks and, again, keep the salt handy until they are verified. Best case scenario: we don’t find out for sure before Godzilla vs. Kong comes out next May.

Leave us your reaction to the spoilers and Godzilla v. Kong below.

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