Artist Garayann reveals epic new commissioned art featuring a showdown of kings as King Kong takes on famed Godzilla villain King Ghidorah.

King Kong was first created in 1933 and debuted in the 1933 film titled ‘King Kong.’ However, before his on screen appearance he appeared in the novelization of the film.

In the film, Kong is given his name from the locals inhabiting Skull Island in the Indian Ocean. An American film crew lead by Carl Denham that also includes actress Ann Darrow eventually discovers him after Darrow is captured by the natives and offered as a sacrifice to Kong.

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Instead of devouring Darrow, Kong saves. His reward for saving her is to be captured and taken to New York City where he is to be exhibited as “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

However, Kong escapes his captivity and begins to search the city for Darrow in an attempt to protect her from the the media’s flashbulbs that he believes are harming her. Kong eventually finds his way to the top of the Empire State Building where he is subsequently attacked by a number of World War I era fighter planes.

After fending off a number of salvos from the planes, Kong topples off the building and falls to his death. Following his death, it’s revealed he didn’t die from the fighter planes, but from beauty.

Since his first appearance he’s gone on to appear in numerous films with the latest being Kong: Skull Island in 2017.

Not only has he been featured in films, but he’s also been featured in comics, video games, theme park rides, and even stage plays.

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Depending on the story, King Kong is portrayed as a tragic antihero as seen in the first film or as a rampaging beast as seen in Toho’s King Kong vs. Godzilla.

And speaking of Godzilla, the famed rival to the King of the Monsters made his first appearance in Ishirō Honda’s film Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, which debuted in 1964.

In that film, Ghidorah arrives from space via a meteor and quickly proceeds to launch an attack on Matsumoto city. In order to put a stop to this alien monster, Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan must team up.

However, Godzilla and Rodan are too distracted fighting with each other to worry about King Ghidorah. In fact, they even ignore the pleas of Mothra in a larva form. It’s not until Mothra goes off to fight Ghidorah on her own that Godzilla and Rodan decide to get in on the action and are able to force Ghidorah to flee back to space.

While Ghidorah was originally shown as a monster from outer space subsequent versions of the monster would depict him as a genetically engineered monster, a guardian monster of ancient Japan, or even a god from another dimension as seen in the most recent anime version produced by Polygon Pictures and available for viewing on Netflix.

Ghidorah and Kong have never faced each other before. However, as previously mentioned Kong has faced off against Godzilla and seemingly defeated him. The two tumbled down a cliff into the ocean. Kong emerges with no sightings of Godzilla seen.

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It’s quite possible Kong could take on Ghidorah himself. Although the odds would probably be in Ghidorah’s favor.

In Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Godzilla is only able to defeat King Ghidorah after receiving a power upgrade when Mothra sacrifices herself.

Whether or not King Kong can defeat King Ghidorah is still left to our imagination, but artist Garayann helps us see how treachorous the fight could be for King Kong as he is encircled by the sinister King Ghidorah.

Garayann shared the image to his Twitter, where he wrote, “Kong odinson with his Atombreaker fighting against golden hydra.”

He then asked, “Who’s the true king? Kong vs Ghidorah”

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Here’s a better look.

Not only did Garayann share his Kong vs Ghidorah piece, but he also recently revealed a new Godzilla piece.

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He made it clear on Twitter, the design is based off the newly announced Godzilla anime series that will be distributed by Netflix.

Here’s a better look.

He followed that up with a piece of art showing Godzilla taking on Biollante.

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Here’s a better look.

If you are interested in supporting Garayann, you can back them on Patreon where he has multiple membership levels for subscribers.

Garayann is also accepting commissioned work. Currently they are priced at $70. His rules state that it can be “any kind of original character.” However, you “must have original design reerences already.”

What do you make Garayann’s King Kong vs King Ghidorah piece? Are you interested in seeing the two Kings duke it out against each other? What do make of his other pieces? Are you interested in seeing Biollante make a comeback?