Netflix has released a second teaser for their upcoming Godzilla Singular Point anime series, and tease it does, as the brief trailer has revealed more about the still mysterious plot and the towering monsters at the center of it all.

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More specifically, the teaser indicates that a reimagined version of a particularly punchy robot will have a special role to play in the animated proceedings, a role which may turn the oft forgotten and neglected Toho Godzilla sidekick  into a showstopping monster smasher for the first time in decades.

While the teaser begins by briefly discussing monsters and the potential calamities they could cause and tying some of the series’ story elements closer together, it then immediately pivots to the reveal of Jet Jaguar, who is mentioned by name and hinted to be the result of some kind of secret project.

Singular Jet Jaguar

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Goro, an eccentric and energetic scientist character previously discussed in our coverage of Singular Point, can be seen bragging confidently about how strong Jet Jaguar is and appears to pilot the machine like the Power Ranger’s Zords or one of Pacific Rim’s signature Jagers.

This is a big departure for anyone who’s seen Godzilla vs. Megalon, as the film depicted Jet Jaguar as more of an Ultraman-inspired robot that operated semi-independently rather than controllable mech. Singular Point’s version of Jet Jaguar is also much more robotic, with its body resembling a steampunk mech rather than an outright humanoid.

According to new details from Gizmodo, Jet Jaguar is a weapon utilized by a small team of scientists, including lead characters Mei and Yun, who use the machine to fight back against the kaiju coming out of the woodwork. Given the series’ title, one of these kaiju unsurprisingly happens to be Godzilla himself.

Godzilla breath and red mist in Singular Pt

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Not much of the King of All Monsters has been seen in the lead-up to Singular Point’s world premiere, but we have seen the likes of Gojira foes and allies such as Anguirus, Gabara, and the nightmarish new Rodan, up close.

By the teaser’s end, Jet Jaguar’s pilot looks ready to test his strength against the more-ferocious-than-usual Angurius, though chances are good we’ll have to watch the series to find out who wins.

Rodan in Singular Point

The same goes for the mystery behind the red mist and waters tied to monster activity seen in previous media relating to the to the upcoming anime from Studio Bones (My Hero Academia), Studio Orange (Beastars), Blue Exorcist creator Kazue Kato, and Studio Ghibli’s Eiji Yamamori (who handled the anticipated Godzilla design).

Godzilla Singular Point airs on Tokyo MX in Japan in April before its 13 episodes make it to Netflix.

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