Zack Snyder released a new clip from his cut of Justice League in which the redesigned Steppenwolf clashes out in the open with the Amazons – a part of the extended scene we missed out on four years ago and actors, including Hippolyta actress Connie Nielsen, trained months for.

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The Cultured Nerd shared the “tiny” 15-second clip that Snyder recorded in his editing bay, noting Steppenwolf looks more intense than in the 2017 theatrical version.

That tiny clip alone shows a more menacing #Steppenwolf than the entirety of the 2017 film,” TCN wrote in a tweet. Steppenwolf will be more menacing and demonic-looking. He’ll also have a denser arc and an expanded battle with Atlantean guards.

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The clip was originally shared by Zack Snyder on Vero where he captioned it stating, “Working on Justice is Gray edition.” 

Snyder has said in the past he wanted his cut to be in black and white like the trailers. It looks like he got his wish and he may be tapping into a hidden fervor. Like those at Cultured Nerd, there are Snyder supporters eager to see a chiaroscuro Snyder Cut.

Steppenwolf Earth (1)

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But it ought to be noted fans awaiting his Justice League are excited to see his completed vision in general – to the point detractors label them toxic.

One random detractor called out a recent incident of a circle sticker bearing the logo of Zack Snyder’s Justice League stuck on a Blu-ray copy of Birds of Prey.

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“NOTHIN TOXIC ABOUT THAT” a Twitter user sarcastically wrote in a post containing screenshots of tweets by the Reasons I’m Broke Podcast.

Reasons I’m Broke, a clear advocate of restoring the Snyderverse, observed the sticker on a BOP Blu-ray.

The Podcast also shared to its Twitter page a Vistaprint link to help fellow Snyderverse fanatics make their own ZSJL stickers. To call that “toxic” is harsh criticism for what amounts to a prank and a shameless plug.

A term like “toxic” evokes behavior far worse than defacing a Blu-ray case, and that’s an assessment which Snyder would probably agree with as the director has already decried accusations of toxicity against his fanbase as ludicrous, pointing out their charitable actions during the “Release the Snyder Cut” campaign.

With his cut hitting HBO Max in a month, Zack Snyder announced a new trailer is coming on Valentine’s Day.

He shared a clip to Twitter and wrote, “On the goal line. Trailer drop 2/14/21 9:14am PST.”