Star Wars fans have had it with Disney and Lucasfilm and they have been relentlessly mocking and calling out the companies for their bad behavior following the firing of Gina Carano.

And it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

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Star Wars recently posted to Facebook an image that reads, “The celebration of the Lunar New Year has been marred by the continued wave of violence against Asian-American Pacific Islanders across the United States.”

It continues, “We have spent the last week learning and listening to our friends, colleagues, and partners who are most affected. We stand with our AAPI family and want to amplify the voices of organizations that fight for civil rights and stand against hate: Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC and Stop AAPI Hate.”

“Please join us in supporting the important work they’re doing in fighting racism,” it concludes.

Fans obliterated Star Wars for their hypocrisy calling them out for their support of the Chinese Communist Party and their enslavement, persecution, and abhorrent violent policies that they have enacted on the Uyghurs.

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However, fans are now taking Star Wars to task for their erasure of Asian characters from their films and TV series.

Twitter user Indiana30381975 took to the social media platform where he wrote, “Disney is now against racism vs asians. It wasn’t that long ago they whitewashed Jan Ors and renamed her Jyn Erso.”

He added, “They also cut Ahsoka’s asian love-interest from the last TCW season. Sorry, Disney you are racist pieces of shits.”

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As part of his post, he also shared two images. The first compares the backstory of Star Wars: Dark Forces’ Jan Ors to Rogue One’s Jyn Erso.

The second compares the characters from Star Wars: Dark Forces to Rogue One.

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Ors was originally voiced by actress Julie Eccles in Star Wars: Dark Forces, where the character was only portrayed in stills.

However, she would be replaced by Angela Harry for Star Wars: Dark Forces II. The game included a number of live-action cut scenes in between the gameplay. Subsequent appearances of Ors would be modeled after Harry.

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As for the cutting of Ahsoka’s love-interest from the final season of The Clone Wars, Disney Star Wars Is Dumb reported back in 2019  that an Asian character named Nyx Okami was repalced with the sisters Trace and Rafa Martez.

Star Wars The Clone Wars producer Dave Filoni described the character back at Star Wars Celebration 2016, “Nyx was also an attempt, I wanted to have an Asian male lead in Clone Wars, and he was gonna be kind of a character bringing that to the forefront.”

He would go on to detail that he was supposed to be a love interest for Ahsoka.

And it wasn’t like the character was scrapped in the writing process. No, he was scrapped even after they had animatics completed. You can see part of an unfinished Clone Wars episode with Nyx below.

The firing of Gina Carano is not going to go away for Disney, Star Wars, and Lucasfilm. It appears to be a watershed moment that has opened many fans’ eyes to the hypocrisy of Disney and just how terrible of a company it really is.

What do you make of fans continuing to expose Disney and Star Wars’ hypocrisy?