The CW’s Batwoman Viewership Continues To Crater


Despite the show getting renewed for a third season, The CW’s Batwoman starring Javicia Leslie continues to crater in both the ratings and in its viewership. 

The most recent numbers for the second season’s sixth episode titled “Do Not Resuscitate” are the lowest in the show’s history beating last week’s record low.


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Last week, in overnight numbers Batwoman’s Episode 5 Gore on Canvas’ still had viewership over 500,000. In fact, it had clocked in at 507,000 total viewership. However, the full numbers have come in and TV Series Finale adjusted that number down to 493,000 total viewers. While viewership declined the ratings in the 18-49 demographic did jump up a bit from .10 to .13.

Episode 6’s overnight numbers are worse than even Episode 5’s adjusted numbers. 

Viewership is now down to 477,000 total people and the ratings are at a rock bottom .10.

As you can see in the chart above, viewership dropped just over 3% from the adjusted numbers from the fifth episode, while the 18-49 demo rating tanked over 23%.

It looks a whole lot worse if you compare Season 1’s Episode 6 to the one from Season 2.

As you can see in the chart below, Season 1’s Episode 6 had viewership of 1.094 million and a .27 rating in the 18-49 demographic. That’s a 56% drop in just one season. Maybe even more galling is they lost over half a million viewers in just one season.

The ratings drop is even worse. It’s nearly a 63% decline.

As far as audience ratings, on Rotten Tomatoes there was no change.

The Audience Score following Episode 6 still sits at 19% with the addition of 7 more reviews.

There’s also no change on IMDB’s weighted average score. It still sits at 3.4 out of 10 as well even though there are 320 more reviews.

Of those 320 new reviews, 195 of them were 1 star ratings, only 22 were 10 star ratings.


While the ratings continue to tumble, one person who is still watching the show is YouTuber Az from HeelvsBabyface.

In his review, he sheds a light on why people are tuning out of the show en mass.

Az states, “There was more sitting and talking and crying and sitting and talking then a f***ing Marvel comic.”

What do you make of Batwoman’s declining viewership and ratings? How low will they go?


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