Following the announcement that Vic Mignogna would appear as a special guest at the Las Vegas-based 55-Year Mission Tour Star Trek convention, Star Trek audiobook producer Emmett Plant has spearheaded an effort calling upon the convention organizers to drop the former Dragon Ball Super voice actor from their line-up.

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Hosted by Creation Entertainment in celebration of “the 55th Anniversary of Star Trek, the 20th Anniversary of our convention in Las Vegas, Gene Roddenberry’s 100th birthday year and William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy’s 90th birthday years,” the 55-Year Mission Tour will take place between August 11-15 and feature “over 100 celebrity guests [as well as] multiple tracks of non-stop programming, contests, music, cosplay and surprises, plus partying galore.”

Alongside such Star Trek icons as William Shatner (Captain Kirk), Brent Spiner (Data), and Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), Creation Entertainment has confirmed that Mignogna, who starred as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek Continues web series, will feature as a special guest during the convention.

Soon after Mignogna’s addition to the 55-Year Mission Tour’s guest list was announced, Plant took to his personal Twitter account on March 8th to express his disbelief to Creation Entertainment at how “Vic Mignogna is a confirmed guest for your Las Vegas Star Trek con”.

“Okay,” added Plant. “Please stand by while I contact everyone I know on the franchise — and every fan I know on Twitter — and inform them of your unbelievably stupid decision.”

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As explained to a fan who asked “what’s the issue with Vic?”, Plant’s issues with Mignogna stem from his belief that not only are the various accusations of sexual misconduct that have been levelled against the voice actor true, but that he then “teamed up with assholes on youtube to crowdfund a lawsuit to sue his victims”

In reality, the crowdfunding page for Mignogna’s legal fees was established by attorney Nick Rekieta, who wrote on the GoFundMe page, “I AM NOT REPRESENTING VIC IN A LEGAL CAPACITY, but I am aware of the team who is and will coordinate this fund to pay for Vic’s legal fees.”

Taking note of Plant’s declared campaign to pressure the convention into dropping Mignogna, Persona 5 voice actor Amanda Winn-Lee joined the effort, reaching out to Creation Entertainment’s customer service address to ask them, in a grammatically poor email, “Why on God’s green earth would invite [sic] a pedophile with a track record of groping women to be at your convention??”

“I will telling [sic] all my friends with children not to attend,” wrote Winn-Lee. “If you won’t keep them safe, we will have to.”

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As more and more people began to add their voices to the calls for Mignogna’s removal, Plant informed his followers in a March 9th update that Creation Entertainment had begun “sending E-mail responses to people that have written in about Vic Mignogna, asking for factual and/or legal information.”

He continued, “If only we had hundreds of pages of sworn testimony… OH WAIT WE DO.”

In response to this update, Winn-Lee told Plant that she had sent Creation Entertainment “a link to the Variety article,” which only covers the events surrounding Mignogna’s firing up until he first filed his defamation lawsuit, and “suggested they check out the affidavits from underage girls,” such as the one filed by Robin Michelle Blankenship-McConnell.

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Notably, despite his self-positioning as a stalwart defender of women and vocal critic of Mignogna’s alleged sexual misconduct, Plant was accused last year of not only being “a collosal d–k and gaslighter to some women behind the scenes [of the ‘#KickVic’ movement],” but also “a sex pest” based on his propositioning of at least two women on his now-deleted Discord server.

Though Plant later confirmed that he had “written a staggering number of wildly inappropriate comments privately among friends,” he subsequently attempted to downplay his comments by asserting that they were nothing more than the byproduct of a writer exercising his craft.

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“While the internet is easily scandalized, I’d be surprised if writing inappropriate comments on my own private Discord generates a lot of interest,” wrote Plant in December 2020. “I’ve written and produced a song about a guy with a donut on his d–k. It’s been out forever. No one cares. Writers gonna write.”

As of writing, Creation Entertainment has not publicly responded to the outrage against Mignogna’s invitation. Mignogna himself remains a listed guest for the 55-Year Mission Tour.

What do you make of Plant’s call to remove Mignogna from the convention’s list of guests? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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