A supporter of the ongoing #KickVic campaign to permanently ‘kick’ former RWBY and Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna out of the anime scene has apologized and deleted a video in which they called for surprise group violence against Mignogna.

In the clip, originally posted to Twitter by user @chidoritabag and archived since by anime news site Nyan Net, @Chidoritabag calls for “anime fans” and “video game people” to find Mignogna in public and “just gather up around him, and just beat him up.”

“This is bright, anyways, I have this really cool idea… uh we should all, like us, anime fans…anime gamer people uh… we all know of the infamous Mic…Mign..Vic Mignogna, right? Well I just thought maybe, just maybe, we could all get in a group and like if we see him in public, we just gather up around him, and we just beat him up hahahahah.”

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YouTuber Hero Hei played part of the clip in his coverage.

When confronted by other anime fans who condemned the calls to violence, @Chidoritabag responded by dismissing their critics as simply being “vic mcnugget fanboys” and using the allegations of sexual abuse against Mignogna as justification for their threat:

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Inevitably, in the face of mounting criticism, @Chidoritabag deleted the video and stated that the threat was made because they “just feel gross having to hear his voice when he has double digit numbers of accusations against him.”

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@Chidoritabag would later revisit their apology, claiming that they are “pretty sure [Mignogna] is guilty of the things hes accused of because there are SO MANY accusations,” defending their statement as “a joke in bad taste, but a joke nonetheless”, and taking offense that “steps to give [me] anonymity” were not taken despite them engaging in a public forum:

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What do you make of @Chidoritabag’s comments?

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