Sharon Stone Believes Cancel Culture Is The “Stupidest Thing” She’s “Ever Seen Happen”

Source: The New Pope, Season 1 Episode 5 "Fifth Episode", HBO

Basic Instinct star Sharon Stone is fed up with cancel culture, believing it to be the “stupidest thing” she’s “ever seen happen.” 

Source: All I Wish (2017), Regdalin Production Company

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During a recent appearance on SirixusXM’s “Just Jenny”, when asked by host Jenny Hutt for her thoughts on the current social climate, in which people are “afraid to have real conversations,” Stone asserted, “I think cancel culture is the stupidest thing I have ever seen happen.”

“I think when people say things that they feel and mean, and it’s offensive to you, it’s a brilliant opportunity for everyone to learn and grow and understand each other,” she argued.

Source: The Disaster Artist (2017), New Line Cinema

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Stone also reasoned that since “we all come from different ages, different cultures, different backgrounds, different things, and have had different experiences, different traumas, different upbringings, different parents, different religious backgrounds, different everything”, people should give others “an opportunity to discuss things before you wipe out their entire person over a statement or a comment or a misunderstanding.”

“Stop being so small,” she concluded. “People have done so much more than one sentence.”

Source: The New Pope, Season 1 Episode 5 “Fifth Episode”, HBO

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