Batwoman Ratings Slightly Recover After Show’s Worst Numbers Ever

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The CW’s Batwoman ratings slightly recovered with the release of episode 10 “Time Off For Good Behavior” following episode 9 posting the worst ratings the show has ever seen.

“Time Off For Good Behavior” was viewed by 500,000 people and a .10 rating in the 18-49 demographic according to fast affiliate ratings from The Nielsen Company and subsequently shared to TV Series Finale.

The 18-49 demographic rating stayed stagnant at an abysmal .10 from the previous week, but total viewership did increase almost 15% from the show’s absolute worst numbers of 435,000 in episode 9.

Source: TV Series Finale

In Season 1 of Batwoman, the 10th episode had viewership of 791,000 and a .20 rating in the 18-49 demographic.

That means just one season later the show’s total viewership declined by nearly 37%. The ratings dip in the 18-49 demographic was 50%.

Source: TV Series Finale

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 As far as audience ratings, the show has dipped one percentage point since the sixth episode on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Audience Score now sits at 18% from 508 user ratings. Episode 6 had an Audience Score of 19% with 423 user ratings.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

There has been no change in IMDB’s weighted average score for the show. It still sits at 3.4 out of 10 with 33,911 users rating the show.

Following episode six there were 32,665 total user scores. Of the 1,246 new reviews after episode 6, 662 of them were 1 star reviews, only 100 were 10 star reviews.

Source: IMDB

Az from YouTube channel HeelvsBabyface is still reviewing the show and explained why the show’s audience scores are so low and why the show’s viewership is still on a downward trajectory despite a brief uptick with Episode 10.

He states, “It returned last night with a vengeance. And what I mean by with a vengeance, I mean with another stupid, nonsensical, boring, crammed with way too much episode of the show, which makes it messy, unwatchable.”

He even questions, “What am I doing with my life?”

You can watch the rest of his review below.

What do you make of the latest ratings and viewership numbers for Batwoman? How low do you think they will go?

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