In the latest example of the disdain for readers that has become increasingly common amongst comic book industry professionals, prominent comic book artist Bryan Hitch recently responded to criticism of his Infinite Frontier #1 variant cover by inviting fans critical of his artwork to “f*** off”.

Source: Infinite Frontier: Secret Files #1 (2021), DC Comics. Cover art by Bryan Hitch.

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The variant cover, featuring Calvin Ellis, the Superman of Earth-23 and leader of the multiversal superteam Justice Incarnate, was first revealed by popular Aquaman Twitter user The Aquaverse, who shared the artwork to their Twitter account on April 25th. 

Archive Link Source: The Aquaverse 🔱 Twitter

However, following the cover’s debut, many fans began to criticize Hitch for his depiction of Ellis’ hair style.

They took particular note of both his side points that they believed were unnecessary given his lack of a Widow’s Peak, and just how far back his hairline went.

@Phrenic31 observed that “Kryptonian barbers ain’t s**t, apparently”.

Archive Link Source: Phrenic Twitter

“The art is good, but that hairline, though,” wrote Twitter user @KeyWatkins51299. “S**t’s pushed back higher than LeBron’s. 😂”

Archive Link Source: Key’Shawn Watkins #BLM Twitter

@SantyClausKiss asked “what self-respecting Black man walking out the barbershop looking like this?”

Archive Link Source: φɾìղçҽ օƒ քӀմղժҽɾ Twitter

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Eventually, the conversation was joined by Hitch himself, who had choice words for those who took issue with his artwork.

In response to @geekofkrypton, who asked “What the heck is up with that hair line?!”, Hitch replied, “You lot can f**k right off.”

Archive Link Source: Bryan Hitch Twitter

This would in turn prompt a clarification from @geekofkrypton, who informed Hitch that he “meant no disrespect” and was “just having a little fun with it.”

Archive Link Source: ThatManFromKrypton Twitter

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Shortly after this exchange, Hitch deleted his tweet.

As of writing, it’s not entirely clear who, exactly, Hitch was referring to with his mention of “you lot.” Though some have attempted to claim that Hitch was making a blanket remark towards black individuals, these accusations are completely unfounded, as the subject of contention was the quality of the cover artwork rather than the skin color of those involved.

Source: Infinite Frontier #0 (2021), DC Comics. Cover art by Bryan Hitch.

Furthermore, Hitch has not publicly addressed or apologized for his outburst since making the initial tweet.

What do you make of Hitch’s response? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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