New set photos from Transformers: Rise of the Beasts give a first look at the Autobot Mirage.

Source: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Twitter user Protoman shared a number of set photos where the movie is filming in Montreal. 

First he tweeted, “90s as F— Extras B-footage shooting for Transformers Rise of the Beasts right now in Montreal at Atwater Downtown.”

He added, “Movie Shatter on the set for some silly reason.”

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Next Protoman shared an image showing off two identical silver Porsches.

He wrote, “Hi Mirate! (Not Jazz)”

Finally, Protoman shared a photo of a set chair that reads “Transformers 7.”

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Not only did we get a first look at Mirage from Protoman, but Transformers World 2005 user superhomme provided some details about a scene he filmed as an extra.

In a post on the Transformers World 2005 forums, superhomme relayed, “Anthony Ramos who plays Noah was accompanied by his little brother (in the movie). He was going to an appointment with a boss (job interview, if I understood correctly). After a short walk, Noah (Anthony Ramos) asks his little brother to wait outside on a long bench. Then Noah goes to the entrance of a building that is near by and enters.”

Source: Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S43 Autobot Mirage Figure – Siege Chapter

Superhomme continued, “Once inside, he talks to the receptionist. And if I understand correctly, there seems to be a misunderstanding according to Noah who says he has an appointment and the receptionist says no he doesn’t. Then Noah sees the boss and goes to meet him. The rest I was not there.”

“Anthony Ramos was dressed in a gray men’s suits (jacket and pants), with white dress shirts, dark red tie I think and brown shoes. His little brother (or rather Noah’s little brother lol) was dressed in blue denim jumpsuits, a sweater written “Air” (from Nike) blue-turquoise and black. I forgot the color of his sneakers,” the forum user added.

Source: Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Deluxe WFC-S43 Autobot Mirage Figure – Siege Chapter

This won’t be the first time Mirage has appeared in live action. In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, he appeared as a red Ferrari 458 Italia.

Source: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

What do you make of Mirage being a silver Porsche? What about this scene about a job interview?