James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad film has arrived in theaters and on HBO Max and moviegoers are providing their reviews and reactions.

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Rotten Tomatoes

On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an All Audience score of 84% from over 1,000 reviews. The average rating is 4.2 out of 5.

Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Here’s what Rotten Tomatoes users are saying:

Tay gives the film 3 stars out of 5. They write, “I have been so excited for this movie and be honest it was such a huge letdown. It was a disappointment already with having to know that there were not going to be all the original characters but to me it was more than just the characters the movie was just odd it didn’t feel like it fit along with the first one at all. Harley Quinn was great as usual but even her character did not feel the same.”

Blake S gives the film 5 stars out of 5. They write, “‘Suicide Squad’ had a couple bodies drop to make it seem like it was staying true to its name. ‘The Suicide Squad’ has bodies dropping left and right like flies to bring honor to the title that it has been bestowed upon.”

Sarah Z gives the film 3.5 stars out of 5. She writes, “It’s gory, funny and entertaining but I wasn’t a fan of this animal killing stuff (setting the birds on fire,..). I don’t want to see that in real life or in a movie.”

Source: The Suicide Squad (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Bradley C gives the movie 5 stars out of 5. He writes, “The Suicide Squad boasts a top notch cast that is action packed, full of laughs, and even a few surprises regarding the body count of the characters involved. Most importantly, it feels like a Suicide Squad comic, and it works!!”

KwangYongQ gives the movie 4.5 stars out of 5. He writes, “I spectacular orgy that is Irreverent, volatile, tongue-in-cheek, with generous helpings of violence and gore. Soundtrack is amazing, raw and edgy, matching the pace and tone of the movie. An anything can happen movie which I very much enjoy over the previous installment. Perhaps a bit less on the gore, nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable.”

Joseph C gives the film a perfect 5 stars out of 5. He writes, “James Gunn shows he’s the master of taking unknown comic book characters, having them face a larger than life villain, and making a movie better and more entertaining than most A-list superhero movies.”

Source: The Suicide Squad – DC FanDome Exclusive Sneak peek

Jason W gives the film a half star out of 5 stars. He writes, “A boring, shallow, pointless movie. Attempts to cover up a poor plot with a nonlinear narrative fails miserably. All the key plot points in the story are just simplistic lazy writing. You could pick what was going to happen a mile away. 20 minutes in and you knew it was destined for the bin. If this is what James Gunn does when he’s given freedom to do whatever he wants then thank god Marvel put constraints on him with their movies.”

Alex R gives the film 3 stars out of 5. They write, “Not my cup of tea. Movie looks good and is shot well but leaves a lot to desire. Don’t agree with a lot of choices made don’t want to get into detail and spoil it. Gore for gore sake. Not for children.”

Mitchell A gives the film 4.5 stars out of 5. He writes, “James Gunn must really hate birds John Cena was excellent as Peacemaker Captain Boomerang deserved better I have even more reasons to call Harley Quinn my favourite DCEU character Ratcatcher 2 steals the show The Suicide Squad is now the best DCEU film IMO. WB execs have FINALLY learned to butt out & just let creatives like James Gunn who love and understand the source material do their thing Imagine if David Ayer had been given that freedom back in 2016.”


On Metacritic the film has a User Score of 8.2 from 40 reviewers. It received 34 positive reviews, 4 mixed reviews, and 2 negative reviews.

Source: Metacritic

Here’s what some users are saying on Metacritic:

Jortigo gives the film a 10 out of 10. The user writes, “James Gunn makes his mark in this movie, it is spectacular from start to finish, the action scenes are excellent, the humor is good, and above all, each of the characters stand out, especially Peacemaker, Rat Catcher 2, Harley Quinn, Bloodsport and King Shark. This is a Suicide Squad movie not like that 2016 garbage.”

Vijay11 gives the movie a 6 out of 10. The user writes, “not many fun moments..good performance by Margot Robbie..suicide squad by David Ayer was more fun.”

GameAnalyzer gives the film a 6. They write, “Well, this does pack a punch when it comes to similar characters joining in for the squad mission. James does a thing or two that helps in the glitter aspect with humor and action. That’s it, it doesn’t translate into any epic that transcends this reboot experience into something so memorable. It’s plain fun. If this was a product that stayed away from production management interference as few movies before were victims to, the merit seems to have finally translated well. One time watch. 6.5/10”

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Source: The Suicide Squad

NShep53 gives the film a 10 out of 10. They write, “The first Suicide Squad had some fun moments, but it was just a mess. The Suicide Squad is a fun watch and just a great film overall.”

dharma gives the film a 9 out of 10. They write, “What do you do when you let your talented film makers do their own thing? You get The Suicide Squad, the film that the original was meant to be. Irreverent, unpredictable and a fun all around movie, it is also a through and through R rated film that gave Marvel a run for its money. Greatly cast as the original was, but this time released as it was meant to be released. This and the Snyder cut shows that Adult oriented, Super hero flicks are the norm and DC’s way in moving forward. Bravo.”

Jamess gives the film a 9 out of 10. He writes, “wo of my favorite 60’s World War Two based films are The Great Escape and The Dirty Dozen. So I was delighted that James Gunn paid homage to the former, in a plot that follows the latter, in HIS The Suicide Squad. And Gunn brings his Troma mentality to the big screen with joyful abandon. The cast is first rate, including Gunn favorites like Michael Rooker and Nathan Fillion. All I can say is…enjoy.”

Source: The Suicide Squad

BatSasha52 gives the movie a perfect 10 out of 10. They write, “Very great movie. Perfect visuals, action scenes and choreography are cool. Graphics are amazing, characters are well written.”

MykzReview gave the film a 9 out of 10. He wrote, “The critics were not kidding around when they said The Suicide Squad is brutal, because damn it is. Fantastic movie. Great writing, fantastic cinematography paired with a beautiful use of color and practical effects, amazing action with great stunts and choreography, great performances by all the actors and just downright crazy comic book elements brought to life. Thank you, James Gunn, you just made the best DCEU movie.”


On IMDB, The Suicide Squad has a 7.9 weighted average User Score from 21,055 IMDB Users. The arithmetic mean sits at 7.9 and the median score is an 8.

The film received 5,495 perfect 10s.

Source: IMDB

Here’s what users are saying on IMDB:

Janeljeba gave the film a perfect 10 out of 10. They wrote, “Don’t listen to others and go watch this movie as a true DC fan with an open mind. One of the best comic book movies, A masterpiece by director James Gunn. Definitely must watch Atleast once. And if u get the chance to witness this wonder in theatres, don’t ever miss that.”

Msmcalvin gave the film a 10 out of 10. They wrote, “Great movie. Acting is awesome, nice story. Thanks to the actor and everyone to give us this movie.. just watch it . Its worth it.”

MiroslavKyuranov gave the film an 8 out of 10. They wrote, “Without a doubt, this is the best DCEU movie to date. The story is good and very well executed. All the characters shine in their own way. The action is created with taste, the effects are great and the colors…the movie looks gorgeous!  It’s fun movie, as you may expected, but it also has a heart. James Gunn has found the perfect point and combined things great in “The Suicide Squad”. This is definitely the best DCEU movie for me and I believe it will become the one for many people too. It’s light years better than the 2016’s one. It’s not “The Shawshank Redemption”, but it’s a damn good movie.”

Source: The Suicide Squad (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Harryhughes gave the film a 5 out of 10. He wrote, “I enjoyed some parts of the film, but a lot of the jokes didn’t land for me. The film also has these little pauses in the action where it thinks you should laugh. John Cena struggles in his role. Bloodshot was a good character. There are some good moments here, just don’t go in expecting it is going to be a masterpiece. Feels too long on occasions.”

Ameerameez gives the film a 10 out of 10. They write, “The suicide squad is masterpiece. Director/writer James gunn bring his best film making skills. The Movie filled with humour, glory, dark, and emotional. Something I never get to see in comic book movies. Don’t take my word for it see this movie in giant IMAX as possible.”

toolman-07356 gave the film a 10 out of 10. He wrote, “I just got done watching it and boy do I have to tell you! JAMES GUNN IS A GOD! He made the suicide squad jump out of the comic books, I love everything about this movie, the fighting, the action, The COMEDY!! OMG THIS MOVIE IS FUNNY AS HELL! I LOVED EVERY SECOND. I cannot reccomend this movie enough! Amazing work james gunn! The cinematography and directing was top notch! Great job! Love it!”

Source: The Suicide Squad – DC FanDome Exclusive Sneak peek

Pgeary6001 gave the film a 5 out of 10. They wrote, “Apparently, this film is supposed to be a superior alternative to the first Suicide Squad film, which was universally panned. But surprisingly, both my hubby and I found this one to be a silly misfire. The monster-villain is a laugh out loud giant starfish that looks like a leftover from a Ghostbusters ripoff. The patter is flat and unoriginal, and the true star of both installments, Margot Robbie, doesn’t shine nearly as brightly as in the original. Don’t believe the hype: this one’s truly a dud.”

Sanjay-07416 gave the film a 3 out of 10. They wrote, “Went in with high expectations but thoroughly disappointed.. Jokes fall flat, excessive gore, cliched moments and really really juvenile stuff.. Pity the state of recent movie criticism if this movie is considered the best CBM of all time.. However it still is better than the studio mess that WB put out … so there’s that.. apart from that.. no redeeming features..”

Pjpatio gave the film a 9 out of 10. They wrote, “Probably the first DC movie I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. Each characters, whether major or minor has depth. Humor was nicely done. All actors have chemistry. The CGI although has the “Spongebob Live action movie” feel to it blends quite well. Highly recommended, will rewatch it again when I’m bored.”

Source: The Suicide Squad

Have you seen The Suicide Squad yet? What did you think of it? Is it worth going to the theaters to see?