Jurnee Smollett To Reprise Role As Black Canary For DC Project Written By Lovecraft Country’s Misha Green

Jurnee Smollett as Black Canary in Birds of Prey (2020), Warner Bros.

It appears that more Birds of Prey-related content is on the way, Jurnee Smollett is reportedly set to return to the role of Black Canary for a new project written (and possibly directed) by the creator of HBO’s Lovecraft Country, Misha Green.

Source: Birds of Prey (2020), Warner Bros.

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Smollett was one of the stars of the J.J. Abrams co-produced Lovecraft Country, and as HBO did not greenlight the series for a second season, both artists are free to devote their time to a DC project.

In a Twitter post corroborating an exclusive report from Cinelinx, Smollett announced, “Guess the canary is out of the cage!”

“So excited to finally embark on this adventure with my creative soul sis @MishaGreen,” the actress added, quoting a report on the news from Collider. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

Source: Jurnee Smollett Twitter

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Details outside of Smollett and Green’s involvement are unknown, but the two are expected to revisit the world built by director Cathy Yan and scriptwriter Christina Hodson in Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn that let down and alienated so many fans of the source material.

As additionally added by Deadline, BOP producer Sue Kroll will produce Smollett’s further adventures as Black Canary through her company, Kroll & Co. Entertainment.

Source: Birds of Prey (2020), Warner Bros.

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It has yet to be clarified if the project will be a feature or a miniseries, but it is expected to be an HBO Max original, with a film being the most likely outcome, following in the footsteps of the confirmed Blue Beetle and Batgirl films and the rumored Red Hood and Superboy-inspired productions.

DC Films is slowly building up and reinforcing their presence on HBO Max, and with Black Canary’s announcement, it looks like, for now, the publisher’s catalogue of street-level supporting characters will carry most of the initial load.

Source: Birds of Prey (2020), Warner Bros.

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The one big exception to that production philosophy is Green Lantern, whose numerous members are set to appear in a Green Lantern Corps. series for the fledgling streaming service.

Aside from that, it’s safe to guess Michael B. Jordan’s Val-Zod adaptation and Blue Beetle will go galactic to a degree, depending on how closely they follow the comics.

DC’s cast of HBO Max characters could even grow larger and start to resemble a corner of the Multiverse familiar to CW viewers. Per Giant Freakin Robot, Dinah’s old flame, Oliver Queen, may show up as Green Arrow in order to set up his own spinoff series, which could get the go-ahead before Black Canary even wraps.

Source: Birds of Prey (2020), Warner Bros.

Already looking fully loaded, Black Canary doesn’t have a release date set just yet, but if you are anticipating it, tell us your interest level in the idea on social media or in the comments down below.

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