Gina Carano, who recently played Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, recently claimed the anger due to the lack of leadership in the United States of America is “painful & justified.”

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 13: Gina Carano speaks onstage at the premiere of Lucasfilm’s first-ever, live-action series, “The Mandalorian,” at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. on November 13, 2019. “The Mandalorian” streams exclusively on Disney+. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

The actress, who is also working on a new movie based on Eric Red’s White Knuckle: Blutiger Highway novel, first expressed that she was “heavy in heart” as she learned of the recent terrorist attack at the airport in Kabul that claimed the lives of at least 13 U.S. service members according to media reports.

The Associated Press initially reported two suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the airport resulting in the deaths of “at least 60 Afghans and 13 U.S. troops.” 

However, in a more recent update, they report that “two official said 169 Afghans died, but a final count might take time amid confusion, with many bodies dismembered or not yet identified.”

Bryce Dallas Howard and Gina Carano on the set of THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+

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Carano wrote on Twitter, “Heavy in heart thinking of the lives lost of our beloved US military men & Afghan lives.”

“I pray deeply for our troops still on the ground & for the innocent lives being left in this chaos.”

Carano then concluded, “The anger due to the lack of leadership in our country is painful & justified.”

Source: Gina Carano Twitter


Carano is not the only one to point out the lack of leadership in the United States. CNN White House reporter Stephen Collinson questioned Biden’s leadership in an article titled “Biden in turmoil as blast in Kabul raises leadership questions.”

In the article Collinson writes, “Biden also ran for office in 2020 on a platform of competence and he styled himself as a foreign policy expert. It is hard to look at the debacle of recent days and see those qualities at work.”

“Most of Biden’s televised predictions — that the Taliban wouldn’t suddenly overtake Kabul and there would not be a Saigon-style exit for the US — were wrong,” Collinson added.

President Joe Biden poses for his official portrait Wednesday, March 3, 2021, in the Library of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

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President Donald Trump also heavily criticized Biden in a recent press release. Trump wrote, “Biden is destroying America. His policies have created a living national nightmare: he’s surrendered our energy independence, sabotaged the economy, surged violent crime, caved to China, crushed our citizens instead of the virus, created the single greatest humiliation in our history in Afghanistan, stranded thousands of our citizens overseas at the whim of Islamic extremists, and left a wide-open border to deadly drugs, vicious crime, and unlimited illegal immigration at home!”

President Trump has also called for Joe Biden to resign over his handling of Afghanistan. He wrote in a press release, “It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy. It shouldn’t be a big deal, because he wasn’t elected legitimately in the first place! ”

United States House of Representatives – Office of Paul Gosar, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The New York Post’s Editorial Board also criticized Joe Biden in an article titled “Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal shows a disengaged, befuddled president.”

In the article they write, “It’s not that Biden doesn’t lie, it’s that all of his statements and actions of the past week show a disengaged, befuddled president who doesn’t care about Americans and their allies in Afghanistan.”

They would later add, “It’s hard to capture in words just how shameful this all is. Why is the military not creating a safe corridor for Americans? Why are we surrendering to the Taliban? No, not just surrendering — capitulating, arming them even. ”

Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

What do you make of Gina Carano’s comments regarding the current leadership of the United States of America?

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