Star Wars: Visions Episode Akakiri Appears To Trace B-Wing Design From Fan Model

Source: Star Wars: Visions Episode 9 "Akakiri" (2021), Disney/Science Saru

A fan artist believes that a uniquely-designed B-Wing seen in an episode of Disney’s Star Wars-themed anime compilation series, Star Wars: Visions, was traced from a custom model of their own creation.

Source: Star Wars: Visions Episode 9 “Akakiri” (2021), Disney/Science Saru

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Disney’s apparent tracing of the fan model was first noted on September 23rd in response to a tweet from user @EckhartsLadder wherein the popular YouTuber asked Twitter followers for their “thoughts on Visions.”

“I’ll be doing a live breakdown tomorrow, but am curious to hear your thoughts,” he added. “Favorites? Least favorites? Surprise episodes you liked or disappointments?”

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Accepting @EckhartsLadder’s invitation, Star Wars fan animator @SethLunchquest replied, “I am only just finishing it, so it hasn’t digested yet,” before noting, “but I would *swear* that the ship the Jedi crashes in Akikiri [sic] is EC Henry’s resistance B-wing.”

Archive Link Source: Seth 🖥️🎬 Lunchquest Twitter

As noted by @Sethlunchquest, The B-Wing fighter in question makes its appearance in Akakiri, the Star Wars: Vision entry helmed by Devilman Crybaby and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! production studio Science Saru.

Source: Star Wars: Visions Episode 9 “Akakiri” (2021), Disney/Science Saru

Seen being shot down in the episode’s opening moments, the unique B-Wing fighter is soon revealed to be carrying the story’s samurai-themed Jedi protagonist, Tsubaki.

Source: Star Wars: Visions Episode 9 “Akakiri” (2021), Disney/Science Saru

However, as also noted by @Sethlunchquest, the idiosyncratic design of the B-Wing fighter bears more than passing resemblance to the B-Wing Mk. II model created by YouTuber EC Henry, which made its debut on his channel on February 6th, 2019.

Furthermore, Tsubaki’s B-Wing features more rounded features, as well as an engine ‘cut out’ on the starfighter’s rear, two elements found in EC Henry’s design, but absent from the official B-Wing’s more angular aesthetics.

Archive Link Source: Mel’s Miniatures Twitter

Sharing a side-by-side comparison of the B-Wing seen in the episode and EC Henry’s model, @SethLunchquest added, “Yeah, that’s a dead match actually.”

Archive Link Source: Seth 🖥️🎬 Lunchquest Twitter

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When @SethLunchquest’s comparison was met with skepticism from another user, EC Henry himself joined the conversation and asserted, “It’s definitely my ship. Though with slightly different proportions, it seems like it was copied somewhat loosely.”

“But virtually every unique design element is preserved in Akakiri, including the paintjob,” he concluded. “Differences could be chalked up to stylistic animation choices.”

Archive Link Source: EC Henry Twitter

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Notably, this is far from the first time that a Disney Star Wars production has been accused of plagiarizing fanart of the franchise’s signature starfighters.

In 2019, Alberto Melchor Ruiz Antón, the owner and artist of Mel Miniatures, claimed that Marvel Comics’ Star Wars: Allegiance series had directly traced a series of Mon Calamari starships from his own models.

Just one year later, in August 2020, @Eckhartsladder discovered that two separate Marvel Comics Star Wars series had traced two starship models respectively created by two different creators.

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