DC Comics And Tom Taylor’s Idiocy On Full Display, Bisexual Superman Strikes For “Climate Justice”

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The newly outed bisexual son of Superman that’s inherited the cape and title – but not the motto – is taking on a new cause in an upcoming issue.

Source: Superman: Son of Kal-El #5

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In Superman: Son of Kal-El #7, Jonathan Kent takes on the pressing apocalyptic issue (to some) of climate change.

Writer Tom Taylor made this plain in an announcement on Twitter accompanied by some art from the issue that couldn’t make it any clearer or less blatant.

“Our #Superman joins other heroes on the cover to Superman: Son of Kal-El #7,” wrote Taylor. “Out in January from @DCComics. Art by @johntimmsart #climatestrike #fridaysforfuture #schoolstrike4climate”

Source: Tom Taylor Twitter

Taylor previously confirmed that Superman would become a climate change activist telling IGN, “”I think Clark said it best when he left Earth in Jon’s hands. Clark was the Superman of tomorrow. Jon is the Superman for the days after.”

He continued, “The question for Jon (and for our creative team) is, what should a new Superman fight for today? Can a seventeen-year-old Superman battle giant robots while ignoring the climate crisis? Of course not.”

Not only will he take on climate change, but Taylor also noted he’ll be addressing asylum seekers and illegal immigration, “Can someone with super sight and super hearing ignore injustices beyond his borders? Can he ignore the plight of asylum seekers?”

Source: Superman: Son of Kal-El #3

Interestingly enough, Taylor claims these radical activist positions are because of Lois Lane’s influence. Taylor explained, “When asking these questions, it’s important to acknowledge that Jon isn’t just the son of Kal-El, he’s also the son of Lois Lane. Jon is the son of the fiercest, most effective journalist on the planet. With that, comes a strong sense of right and wrong, an instinctive dislike of corruption and a strong desire for the truth to win over misinformation.”

“But Jon is young and passionate and sometimes how he tackles things will be a bit heavy-handed. And just like we see in our world, when young people speak truth to power, it ruffles the feathers of certain older people who are used to being the loudest voice in the room,” Taylor added.

Source: Superman: Son of Kal-El #3

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While Taylor claims this new Superman has “a strong desire for the truth to win over misinformation” it appears that’s not actually the case given this image of Kent protesting for “climate justice” is clearly full of activists spreading plenty of misinformation.

UDON Entertainment Director of Publishing Matt Moylan is skeptical of the idea metahumans and “super scientists” couldn’t solve climate change in the DC Universe. He also took notice of a sign in the corner saying “There’s no Planet B,” and pointed out the fallacy there within the DC universe.

“Er… if there’s a climate problem in the DC universe just fix it,” Moylan tweeted. “It’s a universe filled with characters with weather powers, matter manipulation powers, super scientists…”

He added, “PS: ‘There’s no Planet B’ while literally walking next to an alien. HAHA! There are SO MANY Planet B’s.”

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Taylor responded to this criticism, saying, “Okay. I have to address this. There are so many people commenting with, ‘there’s literally a planet B. Superman is from there’. To those people, I have bad news. Turns out, Krypton’s leaders denied the science and… look, it didn’t end well.”

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While true, the problem is the DCU is a Multiverse full of alternate realities and parallel Earths. There is an infinite number of Planet B’s and backup plans.

A few universes may even still have a Krypton intact so the doom and gloom about the climate in a DC comic doesn’t make much sense.

Source: Superman The Animated Series, Kids WB!

Superman: Son of Kal-El #7 is due out in January barring any blocks in the supply chain or paper shortages.

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