It’s a curious rumor, but new chatter has suggested that Henry Cavill could once again don Superman’s iconic red cape in a live-action film adaptation of the popular game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Superman in Injustice: Gods Among Us - Warner Bros. Games

Source: Injustice: Gods Among Us (2013), Netherrealm Studios

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According to a Giant Freakin Robot exclusive, Cavill himself is pushing for such an adaptation in the hopes of exploring a conflicted and evil Superman.

“We have learned from one of our trusted and proven inside sources that Henry Cavill is pushing Warner Bros to make an Injustice live-action movie,” says the piece.

GFR provided few specifics, but did note that it remained unclear whether an appearance by Injustice in the CGI-heavy flesh would serve as a continuation of the Snyderverse

Source: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Warner Bros.

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Should Injustice happen and continue directly from the events of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, it would be far from a happy reunion for such DCEU stars as Ben Affleck, Jared Leto, and possibly even Amy Adams, as it might mark the end of the Snyderverse rather than a new beginning.

In the games and tie-in comics, Lois dies at the hand of the Joker, causing Superman to return the favor to the Clown Prince of Crime and eventually lead him to war with Batman. Assuming a potential film adaptation sticks to these established plots, this could serve as a fulfillment of the desperate and paranoid prophecy The Flash gave to Bruce in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

We already saw shades of this prophecy being fulfilled in the second Knightmare scene made for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which shows a Superman infected by Anti-Life, so a direct continuation could definitely be possible.

Source: Injustice Gods Among Us #2, DC Comics

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That Cavill’s fate in the red and blue hinges on this project is interesting, if not also just the slightest bit abstruse. For years, he talked about exploring the complexities and human traits of Kal-El seen in underrated stories like For Tomorrow – a stark contrast to the dark, tortured-soul Superman we’ve seen throughout the Snyderverse.

Lifting from Injustice, however loosely, would very much keep Cavill’s Man of Steel in that lane rather than delving deeper into the brighter, shinier, and kinder, gentler Kryptonian who is a fan of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

The closest we got to that with Cavill is Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns’ studio-approved cut of Justice League, which nobody who is a huge DC fan, Snyderverse supporter, or even an average moviegoer with an affinity for the lore, wants to go back to.

Source: Batman v Superman (2016), Warner Bros. Pictures

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Maybe a Cavill-led Injustice film is Warner’s idea and they are falling back again on the idea, inherited from the sucess of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, that things have to be darker to be profitable even if such a tonal shift might not suit the character.

Of course, given WB’s love of latching onto something successful and their desire to reap from the Injustice well until it’s dry, it’s possible that the studio could offer an olive branch to Cavill out of an ostensible fan demand for him to continue leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Source: Superman Doomsday (2007), Warner Bros.

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Injustice 3 is currently rumored to be in development at NetherRealm, but until either an official announcement is made or we come across some concrete proof the game is being made, it’s only a mirage at this point.

A test of a live-action Injustice’s ability to turn a profit currently rests with the upcoming animated adapatation of the story, with its

The ability of a live-action Injustice to turn a profit and fan interest in such a project is currently set to be tested by the market when the upcoming animated adaptation of the story releases on Blu-ray and digital in October.

Source: Injustice (2021), Warner Bros. Animation

Do you want Cavill back as Superman for more grimdark? Is it the way? Is more Injustice a good thing? Politely share your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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