Much to the dismay of the numerous mainstream media pundits and social media users who would just as soon have both men completely silenced, comedians Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan recently joined forces to headline a sold-out New Orleans comedy show.

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Arguably two of the most disingenuously maligned individuals in entertainment at the moment, Chappelle and Rogan teamed up on October 28th for a powerhouse comedy show at the New Orleans Pelicans’ Smoothie King Center.

The two were joined by a titanic line-up of fellow comedians which included Donnell Rawlings, Jeff Ross, and Tom Segura.

Source: The Joe Rogan Show Episode #1647 – Dave Chappelle (2021)

During their individual sets, and at one point during the show even together, both Chappelle and Rogan pushed back against the false media-driven narratives recently leveled against each respective comedian.

Poking fun at the recent slander promoted by the mainstream media about him taking ivermectin in order to cure his case of COVID-19, Rogan joked, “This is my advice: Don’t listen to my advice.”

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After further broaching such topics as gender, homosexuality, and race, Rogan laughed that his jokes didn’t sound as good on paper, and that discrepancy was “what gets me cancelled.”

Rogan then introduced Chappelle – whom the podcast host pointed out had “made a lot of White people angry” – who proceeded to take the stage and do what he does best.

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin (2017), Netflix

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Beginning with a joke that his wife had bought him a revolver after the release of his recent Netflix special The Closer because transgender individuals were trying to kill him, Chappelle’s set frequently touched upon the recent backlash to his final of three releases for the streaming giant.

At one point, the New Orleans Saints fans in the crowd began to playfully boo the comedian after he introduced his bodyguard as a former Dallas Cowboy, to which Chappelle shot back, “Don’t go transgender on me!”

Source: Dave Chappelle: Equanimity (2017), Netflix

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However, when the crowd later began chanting “Let’s go Brandon,” Chappelle asserted, “I’m not going to have that s—t at my show,” adding that no one should be saying “F—k Joe Biden” either, but also noting that the current President was looking “frail.”

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin (2017), Netflix

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As his set drew to a close, Chappelle encouraged audience members to reach out to any transgender individual they may run into and buy them a cup of coffee.

“When they ask you why you’re doing that for them, tell them Dave Chappelle says hello,” he concluded.

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Closer (2021), Netflix

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