Terror On The Prairie Actor Nick Searcy Explains Why He Named His Horse Brandon

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Terror on the Prairie actor Nick Searcy recently took to Twitter where he explained why he named the horse he rides in the film Brandon.

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He wrote, “I named my horse Brandon so that every time we take off, I can say #letsgobrandon.”

Along with this explanation he shared a photo of him riding the horse and holding a revolver in his right hand pointed in the air as he looks down below.

Source: Nick Searcy Twitter

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When asked by one Twitter user, “Are you wearing one of his road apples under your hat?”, Searcy responded, “No, but I keep some of them handy in the event that I run into any Democrats.”

He added, “They love the taste of horse s***.”

Source: Nick Searcy Twitter

If you are unfamiliar with the Let’s Go Brandon meme it originated during a the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Talladega where driver Brandon Brown won his first race.

As Brown was being interviewed by NBC’s Kelli Stavast, people in the crowd began chanting “F*** Joe Biden.” Stavast then tells Brown they are chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon.”

From there “Let’s Go Brandon became synonymous with f*** Joe Biden.

Along with explaining why his horse is named Brandon, Searcy has shared a number of photos from the set of Terror on the Prairie while also responding to Twitter users critical of him.

In response to one user who assumed Searcy was in the hospital, he tweeted, “I’m not in the hospital, dumba**. I’m feeling great.” 

He also shared another photo of him riding his horse surrounded by a gorgeous landscape. 

Source: Nick Searcy Twitter

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In another tweet, he again shared a photo of riding him riding his horse and told one user, “Dude, KISS MY F***ING A**, you humorless stupid leftist piece of s***. I’m just making another great piece of filmed entertainment while you are sitting around eating boogers and kissing Democrat a**.”

Source: Nick Searcy Twitter

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As described by The Daily Wire, who is producing the film, Terror on the Prairie “centers on a pioneer family living on the Great Plains of Montana who must fight for their lives against a gang of vicious outlaws.

Along with Searcy, the film stars Gina Carano, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Tyler Fischer, Heath Freeman, Samaire Armstrong, and Gabriel-Kane Day Lewis. It is directed by Michael Polish and produced by Dallas Sonnier and his Bonfire Legend team.

The movie is currently filming in Montana.

What do you make of Searcy’s name for his horse?

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