The Flash seriously has the potential to rewrite the DCEU we’ve come to know but not all hope is lost. According to a new rumor, Henry Cavill is still vying to be in a new Superman movie and it’s said the talk is deeper than ever.

Source: Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), HBO Max

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A source conveyed to Small Screen this week that “It’s still not the end of Cavill’s Superman.” Wrote Small Screen’s Edward Lauder, “There are multiple projects they’re discussing – Black Adam 2 is a big one. Cavill is still in the picture for that movie.”

Black Adam star Dwayne Johnson is allegedly Cavill’s biggest supporter when it comes to staying in the cape, which is fitting. They have the same management.

Source: DC FanDome First Look at Black Adam

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It’s also believed Johnson wants that slugfest between Black Adam and Superman more than anything, and he won’t accept any substitutes for Cavill.

He may come with a hefty price tag though. Lauder explains there’s an additional money issue to surmount wherein Cavill is asking for a bigger salary.

Source: Batman v Superman (2016), Warner Bros.

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“Cavill’s looking for an eight-figure salary for a solo Superman movie – that’s a very big stretch for Warners,” Lauder’s source claimed.

They added that it all really can come down to money and “Things are very much still up in the air.” This claim jives well with remarks consistently made by Henry Cavill in interviews.

Source: Superman The Animated Series, Warner Bros. TV

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He constantly says he is open to playing Superman again especially in Man of Steel 2, but it doesn’t matter what he wants if the wheels aren’t turning at Warner Bros.

As Cavill said on the topic to the Washington Fox affiliate in an interview last month, “I would love to play Superman again, it all depends. [There are] so many moving parts to that – that it’s not just down to my desire.”

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Thankfully, Hollywood isn’t done with him yet. In fact, he’s busier than ever with The Witcher, Enola Holmes 2, the political thriller Argylle, and a Highlander movie in development.

Warner Bros. isn’t done with Superman either between the standalone story being produced by J.J. Abrams and the HBO Max miniseries about Val-Zod with Michael B. Jordan behind it.

Source: Superman Red and Blue Vol. 1 #1 “Untitled” (2021), DC Comics. Words by John Ridley, art by Clayton Henry and Jordie Bellaire.

Our only wish is for these two facts to converge someday. With Discovery taking the wheel in the driver’s seat at Warner fairly soon, some see hope on the horizon.

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