Ms. Marvel in Trouble? New Casting And “Significant” Reshoots Reported Months After Filming Wrapped

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Could the MCU’s next big miniseries be in trouble? Multiple reports indicate Marvel Studios “Ms. Marvel” will be undergoing extensive reshoots despite having wrapped filming back in May of 2021.  

Source: Disney Plus

According to The Direct, the reshoots will be “significant” and may suggest there are “troubles with the project.” 

Lizzie Hill of The Cosmic Circus confirmed the report, saying the reshoots were “definitely substantial.”

The series, said to premiere sometime in the Summer of 2022, is set to debut the Kamala Khan/ Ms. Marvel character from Marvel Comics. 

Source: Disney Plus

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Controversy has followed the show for some time now.

Fan uproar over the series began after a report from movie insider Daniel Richtman indicated Khan’s powers would undergo a dramatic overhaul for her cinematic debut.

Instead of her traditional, Mr. Fantastic-esque stretching powers, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’ Ms. Marvel would have the ability to create constructs from light much like DC’s Green Lantern character.

While many fans are hopeful news of “significant” reshoots could indicate reversing that decision, no news or even rumors regarding the nature of the reshoots have been released as of yet. 

Source: Disney Plus

On Monday, reported that the “reshoots reportedly aren’t as bad as we thought.”

However, more recent news from Friday seems to fly in the face of that notion. 

We Got This Covered reported that a new Pakistani actor — Mahwish Hayat — had been added to the series during reshoots. Presumably, any reshoots involving new casting changes are more than likely quite extensive in nature. 

Source: Disney Plus

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Having first debuted in the comics in 2014, Khan has struggled to find an audience with multiple series being cancelled and rebooted. 

The daughter of Pakistani immigrants living in Jersey City, Khan is often praised as being one of the first prominent Muslim superheroes. 

In 2013, the founder of Muslimah Media Watch once told the controversial Qatari-funded outlet Al Jazeera that Kamala “normalizes this idea of the American experience as Muslim” and that “a lot of us are bumping up against that the idea that a lot of America is white, while that isn’t what America is, we’re not all white and Christian.”

Source: Disney Plus

According to Disney, the new Ms. Marvel series will introduce Khan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as “a great student, an avid gamer and voracious fan-fiction scribe” with a “special affinity for superheroes, particularly Captain Marvel.”

“But Kamala struggles to fit in at home and at school—that is, until she gets super powers like the heroes she’s always looked up to. Life is easier with super powers, right?” the official Disney Plus description of the show reads.

Source: Disney Plus

Whether or not this new character fits well within the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains to be seen.

If the show’s reshoots are indeed as extensive as multiple reports indicate, it may be the case that the higher-ups at Disney are worried Ms. Marvel hasn’t quite fit in like they hoped she would.

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