An activist moderator on the popular /r/Comics subreddit, which boasts membership of over 1.7 million readers, banned promotion of prolific comic book creator Mike Baron’s new book Thin Blue Line for “misinformation and racism.”

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User /u/thebleedingfool shared an article from The Federalist, where Baron promoted the book while also talking about his history with comics and his views on the current state of law enforcement.

In response to the sharing of this article /r/Comics moderator SickBurnBro replied to the original posting writing, “Hello thebleedingfool! Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s): Misinformation and racism.”

The moderator added, “If you feel that your submission has been removed in error, please message us so we can take a look. Thanks!”

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Baron’s Thin Blue Line tells the story “follows police officer Valeria Baca and her partner Bob Mack as their detail guarding the mayor turns into a fight for survival.”

The official description on the book’s IndieGoGo page continues, “Mobs burn down city hall, forcing the officers to improvise on the run, relying only on their training and wits as the mayor’s protestations and eagerness to placate the rioters prove fruitless.”

Source: Thin Blue Line

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Speaking with Fox News, Baron revealed the book is a direct response to the riots of 2020.

He explained, “Well, I always say, ‘I don’t choose my stories, my stories choose me.’ And like every one of you I was watching television during the long hot summer of 2020, when we saw talking news heads in front of cities that had been burned to the ground explaining they were mostly peaceful riots. And then politicians started to cry for defunding the police.”

“My reaction was, ‘Are they insane?’ Civilization depends on the rule of law. You are either for the rule of law or you’re not,” he stated.

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He went on to add, “The story practically wrote itself. And I have to emphasize, it’s not a lecture. It’s not didactic at all. It’s pure drama.”

“You are going to love it. It’s a great story. It’s going to grab you by the throat on the first page and you won’t be able to put it down until you finish it,” he declared.

In his interview with Peter Pischke of The Federalist, Baron reiterated the riots of 2020 inspired the book when Pischke asked, “So, you are now doing “Thin Blue Line,” a pro-law enforcement story? What motivated you to do a pro-cop comic book story?”

Baron answered, “One day, watching these riots that swept through America last year. You would see the same thing on channel after channel; city in flames, looters running in and out. Some idiot addressing the camera upfront saying, ‘These mostly peaceful protests are for a righteous cause.’ And you see politician after politician: ‘We must defund the police.'”

“Since they declared war on the police, homicides are up 100 percent in every blue city. Rapes, robberies are up over 100 percent in every one of those cities that attacked their own police department. Now they have these vaccine mandates, they want to force everyone to get a vaccine,” he continued.

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Baton then asserted, “And police officers and first responders and nurses and doctors are walking off the job all over the country, leaving hospitals and police departments understaffed, even worse than they were.”

“So, I decided, well, you know, this story needs to be told because it’s certainly not being told in any of the popular entertainment we’re seeing these days,” he noted.

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The Thin Blue Line writer then gave a brief run down on the book, “It’s about two police officers trying to survive a night in a riot-torn city. It will be familiar to everybody who’s aware of the news. But I must stress, it’s not a polemic at all, it’s not a lecture at all. It’s one of the best stories I’ve ever written, it’s gripping, it’ll grab you by the throat on the first page, and you won’t be able to put it down.”

“It’s just solid drama. And it snaps and clicks from panel to panel. That’s what I try to do with my entertainment. No wasted space, no boring spots, just pure entertainment. It just happens to have police who are cast in a sympathetic light. Because you’re either for the rule of law or you’re not. Civilization depends on the rule of law,” he declared.

Source: Thin Blue Line

The Thin Blue Line has currently been backed by 1,037 people to the tune of $53,793 on IndieGoGo. On Kickstarter, the book has currently been backed by 481 people to the tune of $36,034. There are 11 days left to back that campaign.

What do you make of the popular /r/Comics subreddit banning an interview with prolific comic book writer Mike Baron for “misinformation and racism?”

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