Comedic actor Donald Faison may soon be trading in his scrubs for something a little more gold, as a new rumor claims that the Scrubs star will portray a race-swapped version of a popular DC time traveler when he debuts on The CW’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Source: Scrubs Season 1 Episode 8 “My Fifteen Minutes” (2001), NBC

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Faisons addition to the cast of the Arrowverse ensemble was first reported by Entertainment Weekly, who revealed that he would be joining the series in its season seven finale.

Though the outlet did not reveal who exactly Faison would be playing, a description of his as-of-yet-unrevealed character drops a number of not-so-subtle-hints that the actor will appear as DC’s favorite self-aggrandizing adventurer from the 25th century himself, Booster Gold.

Source: Booster Gold. Vol. 2 #32 “Tense Future!” (2010), DC Comics. Cover art by Kevin Maguire.

“The Legends first encounter this character at a different phase of his career whose golden years are in the rearview mirror,” reads a summary of the character provided by The CW. “He is good guy deep down; his ego is looking for a boost that only fame, fortune, and glory can provide.”

It continues, “While he claims to have been recruited to work for a mysterious time organization, he wasn’t offered much of a choice in the matter. As an unauthorized time traveler with high-profile aspirations, he developed a mischievous streak and cuts a few corners along the way to achieving his dreams.”

“He knows all about the Legends of Tomorrow and finds them inspiring because they are the kind of heroes who started at the ground floor, as opposed to inheriting their powers from an alien planet, a spider bite, or wealthy parents,” The CW concludes. “But the big question is whether his respect for the team is going to be able to help the Legends out of hot water or get them into hotter water!”

Source: 52 #1 “Golden Lads and Lasses Must…” (3006), DC Comics. Words by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid, art by Keith Giffen, Joe Bennett, Ruy José, and Alex Sinclair.

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A Dan Jurgens creation, Booster is perhaps known best for his numerous journeys through time, his quest for fame, and his massive ego, all of which routinely put him on the outs with his more altruistic metahuman peers.

However, in a twist of irony, what he’s less known for are his actual heroic feats, such as stepping up to fill the roles left by the absence of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman during 52 and continuing to serve as one of the many unsung Time Masters who keep the DCU together.

Source: Convergence: Booster Gold Vol. 1 #1 (2015), DC Comics. Words by Dan Jurgens, art by Álvaro Martínez Bueno, Raúl Fernández, and Chris Sotomayor

He’s also typically depicted as a blond white man and not a bald person of color.

Of course, if Faison were to play Booster, such a change would be typical of modern DC, who has similarly race-swapped a number of their classic characters during their respective jumps to live-action, including Jimmy Olsen, Artemis, and Starfire.

Source: Justice League Unlimited Season 1 Episode 7 “The Greatest Story Never Told” (2004), Warner Bros. Animation

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Whomever he plays, Faison is expected to stay on if Legends of Tomorrow is renewed for an eighth season.

“We are beyond thrilled to have Donald Faison join the Waverider,” said showrunners Phil Klemmer and Keto Shimizu in a joint statement provided to EW. “We are all huge fans of his impressive body of work, and seeing him with the rest of the Legends in our finale was an absolute, side-splitting joy.”

They added, “We can’t wait for our fans to see who he’s playing, and we look forward to telling many more stories with him and our lovable misfits should we be blessed with an eighth season.”

Source: Scrubs Season 5 Episode 9 “My Half-Acre”, NBC

A noted comic and Star Wars fan who even has a tattoo of Superman’s emblem on his bicep, Faison also shared his excitement at becoming part of the DC Multiverse, telling the outlet in his own statement,  “I have been a fan of Legends of Tomorrow since the first season, and have always wanted to be a part of the DC Comics universe. I’m excited to join such a talented cast.”

Faison – as Booster or otherwise – makes his Legends of Tomorrow debut when the series’ seventh season finale airs on March 2nd.

Source: Booster Gold Vol. 2 #47 “Turbulence, Part Four” (2011), DC Comics. Words by Dan Jurgens, art by Rick Leonardi, Dan Jurgens, Don Ho, Norm Rapmund, and Hi-Fi Design.

Are you excited about Faison joining the cast of Legends? What about his potential casting as Green Lanter– I mean, Booster Gold? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments down below!

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