Chicago Typewriter creator Brandon Fiadino lampooned Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and more claiming they “are all producing watered down trash nowadays.”

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Fiadino made the comments on Twitter. He stated, “I want no part of entertainment companies putting out nostalgia bait products. I want new properties to be created, support people who are making them, and to make new creations myself.”

Source: Brandon Fiadino Twitter

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In a subsequent tweet, he added, “More often times than not Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc are all producing absolute watered down trash nowadays. Then they’re duct taping your childhood on the wing of a crashing airplane.”

Source: Brandon Fiadino Twitter

This isn’t the first time Fiadino has gone after nostalgia products. He previously mocked people who watch nostalgia bait products from Disney back in January.

He tweeted, “Babe, you haven’t even touched your Disney live action remakes.” In the tweet he included a meme of Disney telling one of their consumers, “Babe! It’s been 2 months, time to consume another nostalgia bait remake from your childhood.”

The consumer, who looks physically beaten down, responds, “Yes Corporation.”

Source: Brandon Fiadino Twitter

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Fiadino is not alone in his criticism of Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney for creating nostalgia products as well as those who consume them.

Recently, YouTuber Eric July expressed his own opinion that people who eat up nostalgia bait are “part of the problem.”

July’s comments came in a recent video on his YouTube channel titled “More franchises resort to nostalgia bait for a quick boost.”

On Twitter, he shared the video stating, “A lot of y’all clearly have an addiction, and Disney, Marvel, Sony, and Lucasfilm all know that and know you’ll come running anytime they jangle the keys of nostalgia bait. You prove them right when you support them. Check out the full video now LIVE on YouTube!”

In the video, he explores the idea stating, “We show something that was part of this franchise that will give them the member berries that they consider what used to be the good old days. And if you eat that s*** up you are part of the problem, man.”

Later in the video, July noted that he wants customers to stop consuming these nostalgia bait offerings from the mega corporations, but instead “rewrite the focus to the creators that are good and trying to replace them in the eyes of everybody that’s out there.” He added, “That’s the only way we are going to win.”

July then asserted, “But how we won’t be able to win, or how, rather, we are guaranteeing a loss is by continuing give these guys the benefit of the doubt even though they have exposed their game plan to you.”

Source: Cyberfrog 2: Rekt Planet

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Former DC Comics artist and the creator of Cyberfrog Ethan Van Sciver also expressed sentiment on Twitter when he posited that SJWs be shut out as he and others build something new.

He tweeted, “My point is this: SJWs don’t debate us. In fact, they mock the idea of debating us. They just act decisively and effectively in changing the culture. They shut us out and f**k things up. Hey guess what? It works.”

He then added, “Let’s shut them out, and build something new.”

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

Deus Vult and Justified creator Jon Del Arroz also shared similar thoughts in a YouTube video reacting to Eric July’s comments.

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He noted, “They’re never out for you, for your family, they’re, in fact, trying to subvert and erode your family every single time. Sometimes they do it subtly. Sometimes they do it not so subtly.”

Del Arroz later added, “They put all these messages in the movies. Just because it’s not a trans black lesbian doesn’t mean it’s not SJW. It very much is. It’s very much meant to subvert America. It’s very much meant to make you hate yourselves and you hate your own children and applaud and put these black people on pedestals. That’s the entire point, every single time. So don’t fall for it.”

Source: Deus Vult

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What do you make of Fiadino’s comments on Star Wars, Marvel, and DC and their nostalgia bait products?

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