Allegiance Arts announced they will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to collect Underworld creator Kevin Grevioux, artist David Williams, and colorist Gabe Eltaeb’s Bass Reeves: West of Hell.

Source: Bass Reeves: West of Hell

This collected edition collects all six issues of Grevioux and Williams’ Bass Reeves series. 

The official description for the series states, “In a life torn between family and duty, legendary U.S. Marshall Bass Reeves faces Hell on the frontier in an action-packed adventure as great as the lawman himself.”

“Set against the backdrop of the lawless post-Civil War era, Marshall Reeves is the only lawman who stands between civilization & chaos,” the description concludes.

Source: Bass Reeves: West of Hell

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If you are unfamiliar with Bass Reeves, he was a real man who was born into slavery in 1838 in Crawford County, Arkansas. He was a slave under man named William Reeves and his son George Reeves.

During the Civil War he escaped bondage although it’s unclear what the circumstances were. Legends of America claims “some say because Bass beat up George after a dispute in a card game. Others believe that Bass heard too much about the ‘freeing of slaves’ and ran away.”

After escaping bondage he fled to Oklahoma and began mingling with the Seminole, Creek, and Cherokee Indians there, learning their customs, languages, and more.

Unknown authorUnknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Reeves would eventually leave the Native Americans and return to Arkansas where he bought land near Van Buren and began to ply his trade as a farmer and rancher. While there he married Nellie Jennie and the two had ten children.

He was eventually recruited to become a U.S. Marshal by U.S. Marshal James F. Fagan and began patrolling around 75,000 square miles in Oklahoma.

During his time as a U.S. Marshall, Reeves tracked down numerous outlaws including Tom Story, the Seminole outlaw Greenleaf, and Bob Dozier. He would also bring in his own son for murder.

It is reported that he brought “in more than 3,000 outlaws… killing some 14 men during service.”

U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves Photo Credit: Unknown authorUnknown author, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

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The crowdfunding campaign has not officially launched, but Allegiance Arts has launched an IndieGoGo sign-up page.

The sign-up page will allow potential backers to receive “a limited-edition David Williams All-Star Collector’s Card, complete with terrific art and stats of his legendary career.”

The card will specifically be available to backers “who sign up before the launch date.”

Source: Bass Reeves: West of Hell

Do you plan on backing Bass Reeves: West of Hell?

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