Disney’s Latest Debacle Over Florida’s Anti-Grooming Bill Is Just The Latest Piece Of Evidence Exposing Corporate America’s Sickening Hypocrisy

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Corporate America has a real problem on its hands, and it’s only getting worse. As the Woke mob attempts to cudgel major corporations into adopting its radicalized stance on issues of economics, sexual proclivities, and gender theory, more and more seem to cave out of abject cowardice and an unwillingness to stay in their own lane.

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It’s a scene largely reminiscent of the Spartan army from 300 pushing a bunch of Persian invaders off a cliff in slow motion, with corporations representing the latter. The latest victim to find itself shoved to the precipice is Disney, itself an ardent proponent of radical Left-wing ideals, but is it because of choice, or an ultimatum?

It all started when Disney refused to take a political side regarding Florida’s less-than-controversial bill which barred discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity with kindergarten to grade three students. In a rational and sane world, no one would argue this. In fact, they’d be all for it.

The Left immediately mobilized, creating a de facto marketing campaign which involved titling the bill “Don’t Say Gay,” which is wholly dishonest and misleading. That’s neither what the bill says, nor what it stands for. It merely blocks teachers from discussing sexual topics with children barely out-of-the-cradle.

Source: Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Investor Day 2020

Naturally, the Left used the clichéd and hyperbolic “your silence is deafening” routine to try and shame Disney CEO Bob Chapek into calling out the bill directly. And naturally, he caved, just like the cowards running America’s major corporations are so prone to do. However, that didn’t spare Disney from mob justice. Quite the contrary, in fact.

Disney was accused of not calling out the bill fast enough, and not doing enough to promote LGBTQ+ messaging in media. As a result, Disney tried to stave off criticism from the blue checks on Twitter, while allegedly re-inserting a homosexual scene into the upcoming Buzz Lighyear animated movie.

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Yet, the company still faces down a barrage of bad press, thanks in large part to select Disney employees declaring that they’re going to stage walkouts (during their breaks, no less) in order to exercise their inner slacktivist. You will recall that Netflix faced down a similar situation a mere few months ago. 

Source: Dave Chappelle: The Age of Spin (2017), Netflix

In that case, Netflix largely stood its ground, taking the side of comedian Dave Chappelle, who refused to bend the knee to the Woke mob regarding comments about transgenderism made during his infamous The Closer special. The mass-walkouts amounted to a microscopic handful of Netflix employees who accomplished literally nothing.

Dave Chappelle now has a new Netflix deal that includes four new comedy specials.

As more and more American companies decide to fall in line with the Woke agenda, the overwhelming majority of consumers will begin to tune out. The Left’s penchant for sexualizing little children has now become startlingly obvious, and they are no longer hiding the ball. 

No responsible parent with a functioning prefrontal cortex would allow an adult to speak to their 6 year old child regarding sexual appetites and gender identity. In fact, this used to be deemed the grooming of children – the kind of thing adults were thrown in jail for, and added to sex offender registry lists.

Source: NewsMax, YouTube

Now, it’s become a mainstream talking point of the Left. The goal is to normalize pedophilia as just another lifestyle choice, as opposed to a predatory crime on our most vulnerable. Teachers have access to kids for a large portion of the day, and they will continue to try and fill your child’s head with predatory messaging.

It’s a sentiment mirrored by the extreme-radical Biden administration, which is currently seeking to plant Ketanji Brown Jackson on the Supreme Court, despite a shocking history of going soft on pedophile sex offenders. Leftists installed into various institutions all share this same common thread.

Not only that, but teachers have been caught advising each other to hide these discussions from parents, which is why the Florida bill was proposed in the first place. When Left-wing teachers are deciding what your child should and should not be taught in terms of sexual content, we truly have crossed over into dark territory.

Source: Nickelodeon, YouTube

As the Woke radicalism bleeds over into comic books, television and movies, more and more parents will take notice, and begin tuning out. Last year, children’s network Nickelodeon suffered a severe ratings collapse after horrified parents bore witness to the company’s bizarre and inappropriate Pride Month propaganda material.

It’s not just about sexual issues, either. Wokeness in general has a detrimental effect on a company’s bottom line, as evidenced by the alienating behavior of companies like Gillette and Coca-Cola (to name a few) who thought it was a great idea to insult and degrade their target audience, or push racist internal policies.

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Then there’s the issue of corporations like the NBA turning a blind eye to the genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China, in exchange for access to their market. Hollywood is guilty of similar levels of hypocrisy pouring out of every proverbial orifice, and it’s having an ugly effect on society in general.

Remember, all of these corporations and entities are now fully invested in the support of Ukraine, and the opposition to Russia over the current conflict. When the news becomes too large to ignore, and international outrage is too loud to drown out, these corporations will jump on the bandwagon for the sake of free advertising.

Source: CNBC, YouTube

After all, why not pull all business out of a controversial country, and claim to stand with Ukraine in solidarity? It’s an advertising and marketer’s wet dream come true. Do these companies really care about the fate of Ukrainians being shelled and cluster-bombed by Vladimir Putin’s military? Of course not. It’s just more virtue-signaling for headlines and Twitter clout.

However, when it’s a minority population like the Uyghurs being systematically mass-murdered, we get nothing but crickets. Hypocrisy is louder than a stadium full of blowhorns, and once it rears its ugly head, people quickly take notice. 

Corporations exist to make money, and that typically involves investing a lot into things like research into target demographics and trends. Ever since radical Wokeism took root, however, these companies keep missing the mark in the same way that every major polling outlet botched predictions regarding the 2020 Presidential election.

Source: NBC News, YouTube

The result is one bad decision after another, with no option to course correct. If these corporations wish to continue making money, they need to ignore the radical Left, fire their Woke staffers, and get back to business. They need to stay out of politics, and focus on selling their products, or providing their respective services.

I, nor anyone else cares whether their auto mechanic believes that biological males and females can swap genders on the fly. We also don’t care whether our dentist buys into the writings of Ta Nehisi Coates, or Thomas Sowell. You can either fill a cavity, or you cannot fill a cavity. Period.

Source: Ascendant Star-Spangled Squadron

The more corporate America bends the knee to the Woke mob, the more they weaken their own position, while opening up opportunities for competitors to rush in and fill the void. Take the recent Indiegogo crowdfunding success of Ascendant: Star-Spangled Squadron, which amassed 326% of its fixed goal from just 248 backers.

This, at a time when the mainstream corporate comic book industry teeters on the brink of complete collapse, pushed heavily by the infusion of Woke politics into story narratives, for the sake of pushing the Left’s ideology. It has failed every time it has been tried.

All these startups need do is walk behind the annihilation line that is Woke American business, and lay down their own proprietary foundations on top of the rubble. These large companies created the templates for how these businesses should grow, before wandering off into the cornfields. Competitors will emulate, and learn from their mistakes.

Source: CNBC TV, YouTube

Meanwhile, Disney and the rest of the misguided corporations in America can continue setting up camp on this particular fault zone, and hope for the best. It’s a tactically brain-dead position to hold, and the only determining factor at play is just how much money they want to lose, before they start to change.

This comes hot on the heels of reports of Disney stock tumbling, along with internal rumblings between current Disney CEO Bob Chapek and his predecessor Bob Iger. The Left seem to think that these woes are attributed to Disney’s refusal to call out Florida’s bill, which of course is not true.

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It’s the ultimate no-win scenario. If they appease the Woke, they stave off short-term criticism while alienating an estimated 94% of the country (according to PEW Group stats). If they ignore the Woke, they will be accused of bigotry, hatred, and the promotion of actual violence by the establishment mainstream Left, and the floundering, out-of-touch Democratic Party.

Source: National Center for Transgender Equality, YouTube

Yet, the latter scenario is the correct choice. Short-term pain for long-term gain, as opposed to the other way ’round. How many corporations in America have the stones to do it, however? Netflix kinda’-sorta’ did it with the Dave Chappelle debacle, but even there, concessions were made.

Let’s not forget that the Woke loathe corporate America as a bunch of evil capitalists responsible for society’s woes. Yet, when they are capable of leashing these same corporations and using them as ventriloquist dummies for Left-wing radical messaging, they suddenly become noble and good. It’s truly astonishing to watch the turn-around occur in real time.

Once again, the one and only response that will nullify and silence the Woke for good is a single middle finger constantly aimed in their direction. No words, no compromises, no cross-table discussions. If everyone in America adopted this principle en masse – today – Wokeness would be gone tomorrow. 

Source: PBS News Hour, YouTube

In the meantime, guard your children well, because the political pedophiles on the Left have decided to prey upon them, and they’re using the classroom as the crime scene. Those who reject or criticize Florida’s bill are guilty of promoting and green-lighting the sexualization of little children. Leave children alone, and let them be children.

In the meantime, corporate America needs to wake up, and stop playing footsie with people who never buy their products, watch their shows, or utilize their services. When the dust settles, those people will have moved on to another convenient target to harass and bully into submission.

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