The torturous journey might finally be over for Batwoman. Despite renewals of The Flash and Superman & Lois, The CW doesn’t seem to have plans for another season of The Scarlet Knight.

Source: Supergirl Season 5 Episode 9 “Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One” (2019), The CW

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This indecision has spurred the Twitter account for the Batwoman Writers Room to turn to the show’s dwindling fan base and request a social media campaign to resurrect it.

The account tweeted out the hashtag #RenewBatwoman accompanied by several excited smiley emojis with heart-shaped eyes and an ad inviting people to partake in Season 3’s HBO Max debut last weekend.

Source: Batwoman Writers Room Twitter

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On the same day, they tweeted a screenshot of the hashtag trending live with the caption, “Ain’t no family like the Bat Family.”

Source: Batwoman Writers Room Twitter

Batwoman’s ratings have been tumbling steeply since the premiere almost three years ago and, continuing that disastrous trend, the Season 3 finale that aired in March was down by 79%, drawing in only 415k viewers.

Not only did the season finale have low numbers, but the season’s average clocked in only at 458,000 viewers per episode and their rating in the 18-49 demographic was a terrible .09.

Source: TV Series Finale

With the show’s falling ratings Batwoman sits 8th out of the network’s 16 scripted shows. There is a possibility it could get renewed given the network renewed Riverdale and Nancy Drew whose ratings are a lot worse than Batwoman.

Riverdale’s average viewership sits at 264,000 viewers per episode while Nancy Drew has 356,000 viewers per episode. Aside from Riverdale and Nancy Drew, The CW renewed its top 5 shows, which all have viewership well above Batwoman.

Source: TV Series Finale

Batwoman Season 2 averaged 495,000 viewers per episode and a .12 rating in the 18-49 demographic. Season 1 averaged 995,000 viewers and a .26 rating.

It is possible that Batwoman’s arrival on HBO Max and increased viewership could spur a renewal. Young Justice experienced a similar situation and was brought back on HBO Max after years of hiatus because the fans binged it on streaming, and Batwoman could have the same luck.

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Source: Batwoman, The CW

The show has definitely had its drubbings during its run between the horror stories from production hell, bad PR, and the inability to decide whether Kate Kane stays dead or not. Krypton’s Wallis Day was picked up to play Kate late in the game last season but she disappeared again from TV and nothing was followed up on.

Legends of Tomorrow wasn’t mentioned among CW’s renewals either, on a related note, and may be on the chopping block too. That means Donald Faison is unlikely to receive a resolution to his guest appearance as Booster Gold.

Source: Batwoman, The CW

The network may want to keep its DC slate simple and focus its Bat energy on Gotham Knights which is moving ahead at a brisk pace. We invite you to comment if you plan on catching or skipping either show.

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