A new Batwoman set photo shows off what the series’ original Joker will look like.

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The set photo was shared to Instagram by child actor Kendrick Jackson, who plays a younger Marquis Jet portrayed by actor Nick Creegan.

Jackson wrote on Instagram, “I had such an awesome time turning to Batwoman to play young Nick Creegan.” He then shared the photo of him standing next to an unnamed actor as the Joker.

It’s likely the actor is Nathan Dashwood, who is credited as playing the Joker for Batwoman’s 12th episode of Season 3 “We’re All Mad Here.”

Source: Kendrick Jackson Instagram

The young Marquis Jet eventually grows up to become the Joker after the original Joker attacked his school bus in 2003. 

During the attack, Joker placed one of his diabolical gadgets, a joy buzzer, on Marquis’ head that not only electrocuted him, but it rewired his brain to suppress his empathy. Eventually, Jet becomes the new Joker.

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When asked if he fully processed becoming the Joker, actor Nick Creegan told TheWrap, “It’s crazy. It’s wild, actually. Yeah, I’ve done a lot of processing the past few weeks, months, you know? It’s still surreal to me.”

He added, “It’s been a wild ride for me. You know, the reception of the new Joker, being the first person of color to play this role — the messages and the love I’ve been getting has just been overwhelming. It’s been a fun ride.”

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Creegan went on to detail that he attempted to channel a number of other Joker actors for his performance as the character.

“I tried to take little elements of Jared Leto’s Joker, but also making sure that I weave in the maniacal laughter and just craze in the eyes that I saw in Heath Ledger or Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker,” he explained. “So there’s bits and pieces that I’ve taken from a lot of them, but [I’m] still making it very much [as] original as possible.”

He went on to reveal that his Joker’s laugh is his actual laugh, “The laugh, for instance, is actually my own laugh. People are like, ‘Oh this Joker laugh is so good!’ I’m like, ‘Don’t think I’m actually crazy, but this is how I laugh whenever something’s really funny.’ So I have a really weird, interesting — I call it my auteur laugh. That’s mine.”

He added, “So yeah, there are bits and pieces from other Jokers, but it’s very much an over-exaggerated version of what Nick would be like in this situation.”

Source: Batwoman

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As for whether his Joker would put on the face paint typically associated with Joker and seen in this new set photo, Creegan was tight-lipped only saying, “I can’t divulge whether that happens or not. But I mean, everybody would would love to put on some face paint. I think that’s one of the most cool parts about the Joker.”

“But also, you know, this version is brand new, and we had our own twist on it. So I think you’ll be excited to see the new look. In episode eight, you’ll see something that’s brand new that has never been done by any version of the Joker,” he claimed.

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In the eighth episode, Creegan doesn’t don any white face point, instead Batwoman injects him with a serum that appears to petrify him.

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What do you make of this Joker costume?

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