After decades of institutionalized abortion built on the foundation of law crafted out of whole cloth by a woefully incorrect Supreme Court, the infamous principles of Roe v. Wade are no more. The Conservative-dominated Supreme Court just handed down a landmark decision overturning Roe entirely, which kicks the issue of abortion back to the State level, where it always belonged.

This is a massive win for the pro-life movement in America, and a devastating blow against the extreme-radical far-Left who have made mass-infanticide to the tune of 63 million dead babies over the course of just a few decades a central tenant of a deranged religious ideology. Abortion is no longer a fabricated “Constitutional right” forged from bad lawmaking, and the Left are screaming mad about it.

Source: NBC interviews a pro-life woman, YouTube

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It’s important to remember that even former Supreme Court justice and feminist icon/pioneer Ruth Bader Ginsburg openly admitted that Roe v. Wade was bad law, and her sentiment has been echoed by the majority of pro-choice scholars and legal academics. At the end of the day, Roe was nothing more than irresponsible legal hackery, and it has now been relegated to the dust-bin of America’s dark past.

It’s time to celebrate this morally correct landmark decision, and what better way that to watch a movie or two with strong pro-life themes? While Left-wing terrorist groups like Jane’s Revenge plot violence, rioting and bloodshed, the rest of us can relax from the culture wars and enjoy a massive win, via some engaging entertainment.

10) UNPLANNED (2019)

Source: Unplanned, Pure Flix Entertainment

This film made massive waves among the entertainment sphere when it was released in 2019, and it exposed the moral cowardice of the mainstream establishment who did their best to suppress its release. Unplanned is an adaptation of the real-life Abby Johnson, a former director of Planned Parenthood who suffered a crisis of conscience when she witnessed the horrors of abortion procedures.

Johnson later became a pro-life advocate, and one of its strongest voices. Despite the grotesque nature of the subject matter, and graphic depictions therein, Unplanned is a film that parents should encourage young teenagers to watch, especially as they progress into adulthood. The film reinforces the truth that once the euphemisms surrounding abortion go away, only the irrefutable evil remains.

9) CRESCENDO (2011)

At 15 minutes long, this short film won’t kill much time, but it is a wonderful pro-life work of art that deserves respect. In fact, Crescendo nabbed 15 award wins and 17 nominations for best actress, best short film, best drama, and people’s choice. It’s shot beautifully in a traditional style that harkens back to the golden age of filmmaking.

However, the subject matter is what’s really important. It tells the story of Maria, a pregnant woman who contemplates an abortion, only to go through with the delivery of a baby boy who will grow up to become one of history’s most iconic classical composers. Crescendo raised more than $5 million for vulnerable women with crisis pregnancies, which is a testament to the power of its morally superior message. 


Source: Horton Hears A Who, 20th Century Fox

Ironically, much of Hollywood probably didn’t think twice about the internal messaging of the animated adaptation of Horton Hears A Who, a timeless Seuss classic starring the voice talents of radically Left actors like Steve Carrell and Jim Carrey. Yet, it’s been a pro-life story since day one, even though Seuss originally insinuated that it referred to the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII.

It is most commonly associated with the phrase “A person’s a person, no matter how small,” which is considered a rallying cry by the pro-life movement. In addition to being fun and hilarious, it’s also a wonderfully positive film for parents to watch with their kids.

7) SHUT IN (2022)

Source: Shut In (2022), The Daily Wire, YouTube trailer

This 2022 thriller was produced by conservative outlet The Daily Wire as the first volley in a counter-culture battle against Leftist-dominated Hollywood, and features some dynamite performances. The story focuses on Jessica, a former drug addict and mother trying to flee with her kids to another State in search of a better life.

Before she can make it out, she’s accosted by her addict ex-boyfriend Rob and his child-molesting partner Sammy, who lock her in a small pantry while her kids remain defenseless outside. Jessica is forced to battle her inner demons, a crisis of faith, and guilt over her past transgressions in order to save the lives of her children, and forge a new path forward as a young mother.

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Source: Gimme Shelter, Roadside Attractions

Vanessa Hudgens turned out an unexpectedly powerful performance as Apple in this 2013 drama about a troubled young girl who breaks from her abusive mother in order to live with her biological father Tom, a wealthy stock broker. When Tom learns that Apple is pregnant, he disagrees with the notion that she’s ready for motherhood, but Apple is determined to keep the baby.

A series of chaotic events lands her in a shelter for pregnant teenage girls, where she begins to bond with others just like her. She eventually gives birth to her baby and comes to an understanding with her father, setting up the next chapter of her life moving forward. It’s a film with powerful performances by Hudgens, Rosario Dawson, Brendan Fraser and James Earl Jones, to name a few.

5) WILLOW (1988)

Source: Willow, LucasFilm Ltd.

Ron Howard directed this classic fantasy film based on a story from George Lucas, which continues to resonate with fans to this day. The titular character Willow Ufgood and his children find a baby floating downstream in a crib under mysterious circumstances. Willow soon learns that the child has a special destiny to overthrow an evil sorceress named Queen Bavmorda.

Over the course of the film, the bond between baby Elora Danan, Willow and several characters strengthens to the point where they all become surrogate parents, and would die to protect her. The message is a beautiful one, hinting at pro-life themes of adoption, and the inherent goodness of protecting the most vulnerable from any and all harms imaginable. 

4) BABY’S DAY OUT (1994)

Source: Baby’s Day Out, 20th Century Fox

Sure, Baby Bink is already born and crawling around (fast) in Baby’s Day Out, but it’s a hilarious movie that should resonate in a huge way with pro-lifers. The film tells the story of the baby of a wealthy family who gets kidnapped by three dimwitted criminals led by Edgar Mauser, played brilliantly by Joe Mantegna.

At first, they believe they have the upper hand, but Bink soon turns the tables on his kidnappers, leading them from one excruciatingly painful series of events to the other. The film is pure, unmitigated slapstick, and guaranteed to make your ribs hurt. It’s also great fun for the entire family, with a sweet message about the craziness of parenting.

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3) KILL BILL (2003)

Source: Kill Bill Vol. 2, Miramax Films

This super-bloody martial arts extravaganza started out with a simple premise – an elite female assassin tries to quit the biz and marry her boyfriend in order to raise her unborn child with him. When her former team retaliates and leaves her for dead, she awakens years later from a coma with revenge on her mind.

The Bride is driven by bloody vengeance over what she believed was the loss of her unborn daughter. Volume 2 establishes that she quit the business immediately after testing pregnant, as depicted in a tense standoff with another female assassin. It’s one of the strongest, yet perhaps most underrated pro-life stories ever to have come out of Hollywood.

2) A QUIET PLACE (2018)

Source: A Quiet Place, Paramount Pictures

The concept behind the story of A Quiet Place is a terrifying one. In a world that has been overrun by alien monsters with ultra-sensitive hearing, the last thing anyone would want is to care for an infant. Yet, that’s exactly what the Abbott family does when the character Evelyn carries her baby to term, with death just around the corner.

It would have been easier to simply perform a makeshift abortion, but A Quiet Place treads in the polar opposite direction. Its 2020 sequel expands on the lengths the Abbotts take in order to protect the precious life of the newborn baby, which are daunting to say the least. Whether intentional or not, A Quiet Place is one of the strongest pro-life films to come out in recent memory.

1) ALIENS (1986)

Source: Aliens, 20th Century Fox

It might seem odd to think of James Cameron’s epic sci-fi masterpiece Aliens as a pro-life film, but it is exactly that. The film established via background exposition that the character of Ellen Ripley once became pregnant, which violated her contract with the Weyland-Yutani corporation. She was ordered to abort her child, or be held liable.

Ripley refused outright, and reformatted her contract to something mutually agreeable for both parties. After losing her daughter due to her 57-year stint in hypersleep, Ripley becomes the protector of Rebecca, aka Newt, a little girl who is the lone survivor of a xenomorph outbreak on LV-426. Even when all the odds are stacked against her, Ripley refuses to abandon Newt, thereby promoting the proudest and most beautiful aspects of motherhood.

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