Woke Marvel Digs Even Deeper With Supertrans, A “Support Group for Trans Kids with Powers”

Source: Supertrans, Marvel Comics

There is no low to which woke Marvel Comics won’t go, and the comic book company proves it yet again with its debut of . . . wait for it . . . Supertrans, a “support group for trans kids with powers.” Marvel released its Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 on June 22, and the comic book featured a short story bearing the massively exciting title of “LGBT-D.”

Source: Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1, Marvel Comics. Cover art by Nick Robles.

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Source: Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 Trailer

Marvel is super proud of this too. In official promotional material for the story, Marvel quotes author Grace Freud as saying “I wanted D-Man, one of Marvel’s gayest and goofiest characters, to find a new purpose working at an LGBT youth center and mentoring this ragtag group of fruity knuckleheads. Hope you like it, LGBTrue Believers!”


Moving on, after Dunphy welcomes the kids to Supertrans, he turns to some serious business, which, of course, means it’s time for him to talk about pronouns. “Folks or folx…wait, are they pronounced the same?” he says. “Why don’t you introduce yourselves? Pronouns and whatnot?”

Source: Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 Trailer

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And from there we get more pronoun talk, with four different characters spewing out gibberish for their introductions. “I’m Pity Girl or Nora. She/Her,” the first character says. “I can hypnotize people with sad stories. I’ve got a lot of sad stories.”

“Aphelion, but call me Reed. They/Them both ‘cause I’m nonbinary and there’s a whole mostly empty universe inside of me… I freeze things,” says the second character. The third character blurts out: “I’m Rex Ridley, a.k.a. Good Arson, and I’m a dude and I light stuff on fire with my mind!!!”

Source: Marvel’s Voices: Pride #1 Trailer

And finally we have the fourth character. “Uh…well, I’m Soph, not Sophie. She/Her. Big-time trans chick. Also go by Faceshopper. I can shape-shift into anyone, as long as I think they’re…cool…” Wow. Just awful dialogue. It’s terrible to the point of being nonsensical.

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Beyond that, the names and abilities are ridiculously pathetic. Even if they are meant to be funny due to caricature and stereotype, they fail on that level.

As for the rest of the plot, Spider-Man and the Sinister Syndicate are in the midst of a battle when the Syndicate knocks him into the building where the Supertrans meeting is occurring. After this, the characters in the Supertrans support group fight the Syndicate and end up winning.

All in all, the more you read “LGBT-D,” the more you wish you would’ve actively gone out of your way to avoid it. 

Again, it’s just entirely unpleasant.

But, as dreadful as this story is, “LGBT-D” and the “Supertrans” support group certainly aren’t as low as Marvel can go. The woke company can always find new ways to go even farther. The only question is, what new depths of awfulness will it sink to next?

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