There’s a new Green Lantern feature from DC Animation, titled Beware My Power, that puts John Stewart to the fore but, while he is a beloved character, not everyone is on board with this.

Source: Justice League Unlimited, Cartoon Network

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There’s a pretty good reason. The film retells the origin of Stewart by placing him in the shoes of Hal Jordan and the circumstances that bestowed the latter with the ring.

Longtime Green Lantern and DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver is disappointed by this move from the publisher’s celebrated animated film division and he explained why on Twitter.

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Sharing the trailer and its synopsis, Van Sciver commented, “Looks like fun!” He was then quickly asked what he meant by that by another Twitter user sensing sarcasm.

EVS explained his position in detail and gave his followers a few spoilers in the process. “I gotta say, I’m displeased about Sinestro’s fake symbol and the fact that his Corps so far aren’t anyone I created,” he began.

Source: Ethan Van Sciver Twitter

Sinestro’s Yellow Lantern symbol was noticeably altered to look more like a standard Lantern logo, though it’s hard to get a glimpse of in the trailer. But that’s not the biggest elephant in this room.

Stewart steps into the picture after Hal is killed in a battle with Sinestro that laid the Corps and Oa asunder. Expressing his displeasure, Van Sciver added, “That kinda sucks. Also, the ‘Hal is dead’ plot makes me nauseous.”

Source: Green Lantern – Emerald Knights (2011), Warner Animation

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He had one good thing to say about the premise, though, and it is Stewart. “But as far as John Stewart’s presence and the rest of the JLA, it’s 100%.”

Having spent more than a decade in charge of the character’s art, Ethan Van Sciver knows Green Lantern very well. He is also the creator of enduring characters like Parallax and Jessica Cruz and won an Eisner Award for his pencils and inks on the Sinestro Corps story.

Source: Sinestro Corps Special #1 by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver; DC Comics

The synopsis for Green Lantern: Beware My Power released by DC Animated is as follows: “When a Power Ring is bestowed upon John Stewart, it leads him on a life-changing mission. With Green Arrow and Hawkgirl by his side, John is thrown into a galactic war with shocking origins and dire consequences.”

The film comes to 4K digital Blu-ray on July 26th. If you feel compelled, tell us below if you think you will watch it.

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