In light of the Rippaverse’s successful launch campaign, Isom series colorist Gabe Eltaeb has given thanks to his former DC Comics collaborator and Superman: Son of Kal-El writer Tom Taylor for being “a phony and a racist SJW” and inspiring him to leave the publisher to make “non-woke art” with Eric July.

Source: Isom #1 Preview (2022), Rippaverse

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Taking to Twitter on July 11th shortly after the campaign for the debut issue of the July written, Eltaeb, Cliff-Richards, and Eric Weathers illustrated Isom went live, the colorist proudly promoted the crowdfunding effort by asserting to his followers, “Having the courage to leave @DCComics is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am proud that in a world most fear what others think, I had the bravery to go against the WOKE grain.”

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“@EricDJuly DC comics’ loss is your gain,” he added, referencing his own departure from DC Comics following their decision to update Superman’s mission from fighting for “Truth, Justice, and The American Way” to instead fighting for “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow”. “ISOM is a hit. I’m so happy to make this NON WOKE art.”

Source: Superman: Son of Kal-El Vol. 1 #3 “The Truth Part Two” (2021), DC Comics. Words by Tom Taylor, art by John Timms and Gabe Eltaeb.

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Sharing a YouTube video recounting his thoughts on leaving DC Comics and finding even further levels of success with July, Eltaeb declared to his fans, “Be a man and confront fear- we HAVE to.”

“I walked away from @DCComics to stand up to WOKE garbage,” he affirmed. “You can stand up too. I could not ask for better friends to fight the good fight. Guys like @EricDJuly @RealDeanCain and @dwamsart and @EthanVanSciver.”

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As the Rippaverse campaign began to take off at record speeds, Eltaeb later returned to Twitter to give thanks to Taylor, for whom he colored scripts on the aforementioned Superman: Son of Kal-El immediately prior to his exit from DC Comics, writing, “I’d like to thank #tomtaylor for being a phony, and a racist SJW. If it wasn’t for his bad writing and insulting take on Superman, I might have stayed at @DCComics”.

“I’m more free than ever, I have more $$$ than ever, and I couldn’t have done it without you Tommy,” he proudly concluded, signing off his tweet with the hashtag #comicsgate.

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In one particularly notable exchange that resulted from Eltaeb’s initial assertion, after his opening tweet was met with a response of “and who are you again?” by a detractor, the colorist countered, “ I’m a guy that has worked on the biggest properties in the world with great success. My work is in movies, TV, and video games. Literally the elite of the elite.”

“I made a comic that is smashing world records for indie books as you read this,” he continued, before asking ”What did you do today?”

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Joining the conversation, another user, @Im_Tori_Senpai criticized Eltaeb, “Found out who you were, and honestly pretty disappointed by the first impressions you’re giving me here”.

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“I’m not here to be validated by ANYONE,” fired back Eltaeb. “Don’t need it. That’s for the weak and the narcissistic. If I can do anything, I want to insure people to be brave, and achieve.”

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As of writing, the Isom #1 campaign has currently raised $3,014, 926 USD across 33,860 backers.

“Avery Silman was once an entry-level hero known as Isom in the city of Florespark, Texas shortly after gaining his special abilities,” reads a synopsis of the original series provided by July and his team. “A certain event had him hang up his suit, and now he stays on the outskirts of the city, living as a rancher.”

Source: Isom #1 Preview (2022), Rippaverse

“Avery’s sister, Altona, gives him a call and wants him to visit an old friend by the name of Darren Fontaino,” it continues. “Another family friend that was interning with Altona has gone missing and she last heard that she was dealing with Darren. But Darren has much changed since he was hanging out with Avery when they were young. He’s a cold-blooded shot-caller and one of the most feared men in the city.

Source: Isom #1 Preview (2022), Rippaverse

“This visit turns into one of the longest days in Avery’s life,” the team concludes. “Around these parts, people call ‘special beings’ Excepts. And unfortunately for Avery, he has the luxury of running into some of them. The Alphacore and Yaira have their own set of conflicts. A man built like a tank by the name of Santwan reappears and he’s had previous confrontation with Avery. So what happens with Avery and Darren’s meeting? Who and where is the family friend? Just grab Isom #1: Ill-Advised Pt. 1 and find out for yourself!”

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