It’s not a surprise that one of the main draws of the Predator movies is the vast arsenal of weapons and tools they have at their disposal. Every hunter is only as good as his or her tools, and in the realm of sci-fi, Predators are practically unmatched.

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It’s not just the weapons that make a Predator great, but every piece of gear they bring with them. Predators are meant to be self-sufficient hunters, isolated from the rest of their kind. That means they have to have everything they need in the field.

10) Xeno-Whip

Source: AvP: Requiem, 20th Century Fox

AvP: Requiem is often cited as the worst Predator film, but it did give fans a much needed and unique weapon. The fact that Predators can use a whip as well as blades and firearms shows their proficiency in all types of weapons.

It wasn’t mentioned in the movie, but the filmmakers have stated that the weapon is actually made from Xenomorph tails. This small detail adds to the Predator lore in such an awesome way that the whip should be used more often.

9) Forearm Shield

Source: Prey, 20th Century Fox

It’s strange that such a simple device that’s been used throughout human history hasn’t had a bigger role in the Predators’ arsenal. There’s probably been good reason, as modern Predators haven’t used it as much, but it was very effective in Prey.

Of course, nothing the Predator has is simple. The shield was easily compacted to fit on the Predator’s forearm, and was deployed at a moment’s notice. Perhaps it’s most effective against simple arms fire, so Predators on ancient Earth would make good use of it.

8) Medkit

Source: Predator 2, 20th Century Fox

Any good hunter or soldier knows the importance of a medkit. It’s important to be prepared for every occurrence, and while the Predator certainly doesn’t plan on being injured (or having his arm chopped off), he needs to be ready when it happens.

The great thing about this medkit is just how versatile it is. The Predator was able to utilize simple construction debris to make it work, showing just how advanced their science is from our own. No bedside manner here. These medical tools were crude, and painful. 

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7) Combistick

Source: Predator 2, 20th Century Fox

There are several weapons that are so trademark for the Predator that it’s hard to imagine them without one. The combistick is one such weapon, as it’s perfect for one-on-one melee battles.

Like a Jedi with a lightsaber, the weapon itself isn’t as cool as the means to store it. The stick retracts into a compact piece that the Predator can easily store. This makes it so much cooler, as the Predator can wield it whenever necessary.

6) Netgun

Source: AvP, 20th Century Fox

After the first Predator movie, the alien needed new weapons to showcase in the sequel. The net gun was the result, and a particularly gnarly way to die as the net crushes its victim’s body.

A variant of the net gun debuted in Prey. This version was more like a net mine than a gun, but the theory behind the weapon still remained the same, and was an equally painful way to go.

5) Wristblades

Source: AvP, 20th Century Fox

Like the combistick, the wrist blade is a trademark Predator weapon for hand-to-hand combat. It’s hard to imagine a Predator without one. The blades act as an extension of the creature’s forearm, and can double, or in some cases triple its striking range. 

More than just a brutal way to kill someone, a wrist blade has a huge intimidation factor. There’s nothing more terrifying than seeing a tall alien that just had a large blade extend out from its arm. Predators can use it as a tool, a slashing weapon, or a means to parry attacks from opponent’s blades. 

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4) Smart Disc

Source: Predator 2, 20th Century Fox

Similar to the net gun, the smart disc was a new weapon that debuted in Predator 2. It’s essentially a deadly frisbee that cuts everything in its path with razor sharp blades. It can also be recalled to prepare for another strike.

The smart disc also holds a very special place in Predator lore, as it was the weapon Mike Harrigan used to beat the city Predator with. Not often do humans get to utilize Predator technology to their advantage. This weapon was an exception.

3) Self Destruct

Source: AvP, 20th Century Fox

One of the big mainstays of Predator technology is its ability to self-destruct. This device goes to the heart of Predator honor, as they are willing to sacrifice themselves, rather than face capture.

The Predator’s self-destruct countdown is also a very particular and unique aspect that gives insight into their culture. This isn’t as much a weapon as it is a failsafe, but still, it’s a devastating explosive that could do some real damage in an urban setting.

2) Plasma Caster

Source: AvP, 20th Century Fox

Perhaps no weapon is as deadly or dangerous in the Predator’s arsenal than the plasma caster. It’s an incredibly powerful gun with an amazing tracking system that has become synonymous with the creature’s overall design.

A loose variant of the shoulder cannon debuted in Prey, which could fire three tracking arrows – one for each of the Predator’s three triangular targeting dots. It fit more in line with the human technology of the time, and showed that each Predator can customize their equipment.

1) Active Camouflage 

Source: Predator, 20th Century Fox

Even though it’s not a weapon, the Predator’s camouflage has become nearly synonymous with the creature itself. It’s hard to separate the two after the first movie, which utilized active camo as a means to create more lore around the creature, and crank up the creepiness factor. 

Some may consider the Predator’s use of camouflage cheating, but Prey showed just how effective the Predator’s camo can be. This Predator used camouflage as a means to become one with the forest – a silent part of it that not even animals can detect.

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