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Source: Prey (2022), 20th Century Studios
September 15, 2022
The feral Predator's form in Prey, including aspects not seen in the film, is finally explained by the monster's designer.
Source: Predator (1987), 20th Century Studios
September 5, 2022
Predator series producer John Davis recalls how the film came to be with Arnold Schwarzenegger and where the series went…
Source: Prey (2022), Hulu
August 29, 2022
'Prey' star Amber Midthunder says any critic who found the film to be “super-woke” has “no idea what they’re talking…
An artistic rendering of a Predator
Source: Predator, Custom Poster, FanArt.TV
August 18, 2022
We showcase the lethal arsenal utilized by the Yautja hunter race in the Predator movies, and how they stack up…
August 3, 2022
Prey star Amber Midthunder says she considered the Predator to be a “side piece” to the film’s goal of providing…
Source: PREY (2022), 20th Century Studios
July 12, 2022
PREY director Dan Trachtenberg explains why the Predator in his installment set 300 years ago looks different.
Source: Prey (2022), Hulu
June 7, 2022
The first full trailer for the Hulu-exclusive Predator sequel Prey does little to convince audiences that the film's premise makes…
Source: Prey
May 16, 2022
Disney and 20th Century Studios released their first teaser trailer and plot synopsis for the upcoming Predator film titled 'Prey.'