Wonder Woman 1984 left what Diana did for 70 years between World War I and the 80s a mystery – until now, it seems.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984, WB Pictures

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Leaked photos being shared online, supposedly from deleted scenes and content meant to fill in lost DCEU history offer some evidence of what Diana was doing with her time, and one particular image doesn’t put her in a good light.

Everybody wondered why she sat on the sidelines for World War II, the rise of Hitler, and the Holocaust to resurface in the Reagan era, yet judging by the picture and a gallery of others, it’s not entirely true she did.

As the doctored photo causing the most outrage shows, Diana can be seen at a Nazi rally, apparently aghast at what she is seeing and hearing, but not doing much else, or even attempting to stop the movement then and there.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984, Warner Bros. Pictures

Just as glaring, she’s accompanied by her and Steve’s comrades from the first film including Etta Candy (Lucy Davis), The Chief (Eugene Brave Rock), and Charlie (Ewen Bremner), who are barely reacting.

Judge for yourself below:

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There is also a photo of Wonder Woman present when surviving prisoners are freed from Auschwitz, but it doesn’t make up for the faux pas of the Nazi rally picture, since it raises too many questions.

Why was she there? Why didn’t she do anything before? Where is her armor? Did Diana fight at all during the rest of the war? If so, was she at D-Day or the Battle of the Bulge or Iwo Jima?

Source: Gal Gadot WW Fans, Twitter

Should the answer be “no,” it’s a travesty, and a lazy disregard of conflict, tyranny, genocide, and innocent lives that are not fitting of any incarnation of Wonder Woman. This is especially true of a character who debuted during the WWII-era Golden Age, and was nearly retconned into being the first superhero in the DCU by Dan DiDio for the failed 5G push.

It’s easy to see why it was cut from the film, and fans are justifiably roasting and shredding the Nazi pic. Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins, and WW84 co-writer Geoff Johns, on the other hand, haven’t commented on the matter – which is most awkward for the Israeli Gadot.

Source: Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), Warner Bros.

It is possible the photos are not genuinely from the film’s production, but Wonder Woman 1984 was such a disappointing schlock-fest full of disjointed ideas, you can’t put it past the creative team to pull a stunt like this.

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