In the latest and final trailer for the studio’s upcoming anime adaptation of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man, MAPPA has continued to rev the hype by shifting the spotlight from our eponymous hero to four of his Public Safety Division teammates.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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Making its debut at the series’ world premiere event on September 19th, the new Chainsaw Man trailer kicks off with the grizzled Captain Kishibe, the head of the Public Safety Department’s Division 4 Devil Hunters.

Standing in front of the graves of who is presumed to be his recently lost members of Division 1, Kishibe can be heard discussing the merits of the more deranged Devil Hunters, as “The hunters that devils really fear are the ones who have a screw loose.”

“You can never tell what a crazy person’s gonna do,” he explains.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

The trailer then cuts to Division veteran member Himeno (CV: Mariya Ise – Reg in Made in Abyss), who turns to ask his one-time partner, Aki Hayakawa, if he believes any of their recent recruits would survive their upcoming first mission.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

In addition to the previously revealed Denji and Power, these recruits include Hirokazu Arai (CV: Taku Yashiro – Jude in The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent), who has himself made a contract with the Fox Devil:

is one of the new rookie recruits of Makima’s Special Division 4.  Contracted with the fox devil, Hirokazu is paired up with rookie Devil Hunter Kobeni Higashiyama.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

And his partner, the cowardly Kobeni Higashayama (CV: Karin Takahashi – Suika in Dr. Stone), who characteristically responds to their mission parameters by whimpering, “We’re all gonna die here.”

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Next up are the aforementioned Power, who is seen explaining how her origin as the Blood Devil has led her to “love blood”, as it’s “warm and feels delightful”:

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

And of course Denji, who reflecting on his upgraded quality of life thanks to his new job declares, “I didn’t really think it through when I started Devil Hunting, but if I get to live this kind of life? I don’t care if it kills me.”

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Following a montage of scenes showing Denji rending his devilish foes to a pulp, the trailer comes to a close with our protagonist, in Chainsaw Man form, questions the circumstances of his employment.

“Though all of this crap, I’ve been about as patient as possible,” growls Denji as he delivers his fan-favorite complaint regarding the reward promised to him by Makima. “So how come I haven’t gotten to cop a single damn feel yet?!

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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In addition, Crunchyroll has also revealed four of the voice actors who will be working with ADR director Mike McFarland (Attack on Titan) to bring the series to life for English-speaking audiences.

As per an official press release provided by the anime streamer, Denji will be voiced by Ryan Colt Levy (Rody in My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission), Suzie Yeong has been cast as the seductive Makima (Lena in 86 EIGHTY-SIX), Reagan Murdock (Giin and Mulithim in Dragon Ball Super) will portray Aki , and Sarah Wiedenheft (Tohru in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid) will round out the series’ core cast as Power.

Source: Crunchyroll Chainsaw Man English Dub Cast

The first episode of Chainsaw Man‘s English dub is currently set to premiere for attendees at the New York Comic Con on October 7th.

The series will then makes its proper public debut on October 12th courtesy of a Crunchyroll-provided simulcast.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 4 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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