After a long wait, it’s finally time to rip the pull cord and get ready for blood, gore, and hype, as the highly-anticipated anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man has finally received both its first trailer and official release date!

Source: Chainsaw Man Chapter 92 “Zombie Blood and Chainsaw” (2020), Shueisha. Words and Art by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

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As debuted during an August 5th special livestream event held on MAPPA’s YouTube channel, the anime adaptation’s third official preview gave us an inside look at the studio’s interpretation of the chaotic world created by mangaka Tatsuki Fujimoto.

The trailer starts with the scene, as seen at the end of the series’ first chapter, wherein high-ranking Devil Hunter Makima discovers Denji after his first transformation into Chainsaw Man.

A shot-by-shot comparison of the moment when the Public Safety Division enters the warehouse, as seen in the manga and the anime and provided by Twitter fan account @chainsawmannews, can be seen below:

Source: @chainsawmannews Twitter

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Following a montage of various shots taken from across the metropolitan Tokyo area, the trailer flashes back to the very beginning of the series and shows a poor and destitute Denji snuggling in bed with the adorable devil Pochita whilst dreaming of a better life.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Next we see Makima standing in front of the Public Safety Commission higher-ups and discussing the topic of humans, like Denji, who can transform into devils.

She can then be heard proposing two options to Denji: either die as a Devil by her hand or “work for me as a human”.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Now, we don’t know if this is simply a mistranslation or the same change is found in the original Japanese script, but it’s important to note that in the manga, Makima’s second offer is worded, “or be kept by me as a human.”

For those unaware, let’s just say that this word change would imply a significantly different relationship between the two than the ‘master-pet’ dynamic seen in her next line, “If you’re my pet I’ll give you food.”  

Source: Chainsaw Man Chapter 1 “Dog and Chainsaw” (2018), Shueisha. Words and Art by Tatsuki Fujimoto

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Aki Hayakawa then comes into the focus as the trailer pans to a shot of him, adapted from the series’ 3rd chapter when he and Denji go on patrol, smoking a cigarette in an alleyway.

Suddenly, he pulls Denji into an alleyway and proceeds to beat the heck out of him, leaving him with the warning warn that if he does not take his new job as a Devil hunter seriously, “you’ll die”.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

After a brief shot of Aki with his hair down in his apartment, a cup of coffee and cigarette in hand as he declares that only Devil Hunters with a strong conviction will survive, the blood fiend herself finally makes her trailer debut.

Beginning with what based on her movements appears to be a tease of the anime’s adaptation of her introductory moment, Power is next seen running naked down the road before revealing her dislike for both humans and devils.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

The trailer then turns to a montage of Denji’s life interspersed with such scenes as him standing in the rain at his father’s grave, the lead up to his making a deal with Pochita to become Chainsaw Man, and his murder at the hands of a brutal attack from the Zombie Devils.

Unfortunately, the trailer does not show the actual Zombie Devils themselves, but it does show the damage they inflict on Denji.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

MAPPA then presents us with a look at the main trio in action starting with Denji, who is seen pulling the cord on his chest in order and subsequently undergoing his blood-gushing transformation into the legendary Chainsaw Man:

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

Followed by Power, who is seen making use of her blood manipulation ability to conjur up a large hammer while jumping off the roof towards what we assume is the Sea Cucumber Devil:

Source: Chainsaw Man Official 3rd Trailer (2022). MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

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And finally Aki, who takes aim at the Leech Devil, his fingers being used as a sight through which he can see his opponent piercing Denji’s body with its tongue:

Source: @chainsawmannews Twitter

And summons his own Devil partner, the Wolf Devil, to chomp down on the enemy (Suffice to say, Kon is not your average Devil and will become very significant to Aki’s overall story):

Source: @chainsawmannews Twitter

Finally, the trailer returns to Denji’s intense fights against the Leech Devil and Bat Devil, as distinguished by the fact that the hero goes from battling against an enemy with purple and fleshy limbs before suddenly taking on one who is gray and furry, before ending on a shot of Chainsaw Man diving blades-first through the Bat Devil and creating a sea of purple blood.

As the credits on the trailer begin to roll, MAPPA confirms that Chainsaw Man will begin airing in October 2022 – thus joining a jam packed Fall 2022 anime season that includes other highly anticipated series such as Bleach, Spy x Family, Blue Lock and Mob Psych 100 Season 3.

Source: Chainsaw Man PV 3 (2022), MAPPA CHANNEL Youtube

In the wake of the trailer’s debut, numerous members of its creative team took to social media to share their excitement at both its reveal and the confirmation of the series’ release date.

Unsurprisingly ahead of the class, Fujimoto actually teased the trailer roughly a week before it premiered, tweeting on July 29th,  “I recommend watching the new Chainsaw man PV because it’s really awesome!”

Source: Tatsuki Fujimoto Twitter

Then, on the day the trailer released, he returned to write, “The mappa people gave me snacks and drinks, and they were all nice people, so I recommend them.”

Source Tatsuki Fujimoto Twitter

“They also gave me a financier.” he added.

Source Tatsuki Fujimoto Twitter

Taking to his own account, director Ryu Nakayama asserted, “We are serious about this PV and will continue to work hard until October!”

“And our cast is the absolute best 4 people I have ever seen,” he continued. “I chose them with confidence. Please apply for the World Premiere! Please apply for the World Premiere!”

Source: Ryu Nakayama Twitter

The character designer for Mushuoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Katzutaka Sugiyama, revealed that he would be ” participating in character design and supervising the full-length feature!”

“I’m working hard with the cast and various staff members!” he said. “I hope you will support us. Thank you very much for your support.”

Source: Kazutaka Sugiyama Twitter

“I’m participating in this project as an action director.”  announced Black Clover director Tatsuya Yoshihara. “And the action is being handled by very strong original picture artists who don’t need any supervision from me.”

Source: Tatsuya Yoshihara Twitter

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Likewise, the man behind the soundtracks for critically claimed anime including Devilman Crybaby and Space Dandy, Kensuke Ushio, surprise revealed that he would be serving as the composer for Chainsaw Man.

“CSM new PV is here!” he tweeted. “Kept you waiting huh?”

Source: Kensuke Ushio Twitter

“I voice Denji in ‘Chainsaw man’! It’s a great honor to become Chainsaw man… THAT’S A DREAM COME TRUE…” Kikunosokue Toya tweeted about his debut role. “I’ve always admired a world drawn by Mr. Tatsuki Fujimoto.  It’s still hard to believe but, I´ll give it my all.  Don’t miss out!”

Source: Kikunosuke Toya Twitter

Tomori Kusunoki (Lara Tchaikoskaya in Tiger & Bunny 2 and Yoko Tia Noto in BASTARD‼ Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy) informed her fans, “In the TV anime Chainsaw Man I will be playing the role of Makima!”

“I am beyond honored to be cast as my favorite character, Makima, in a work that I love,” she promised. “I will try my best to convey the worldview depicted by Mr. Tatsuki Fujimoto through my ears as well. I look forward to working with you.”

Source: Tomori Kusunoki Twitter

Sharing a photo of flowers with a framed image of Makima and Denji in the background, she added, “The picture is my treasure mentioned in the official comment. And the bouquet of flowers congratulated by the office staff. To be able to see that scene and that scene in the video… I’m looking forward to the broadcast with the feeling of a fan.”

As explained by the actress in a separate comment on her casting, “I was so happy to be a part of the anime that I prayed every day to the picture of Makima that hung in my house until I was accepted for the audition.”

Source: Tomori Kusunoki Twitter

“The latest PV…… is awesome… really great” she concluded. “There are so many scenes to watch… the movement is tremendous…Please watch lots and lots and lots!”

Source: Tomori Kusunoki

Ai Fairouz, who has lent her voice to several beloved characters including Joylne Kuujou in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean, Manjiro Sano in Tokyo Revengers, and Manatsu Natsuumi in Tropical-Rouge Precure!, tweeted, “I’m so happy to be able to play my favorite character, Power, since I’ve loved her since the original! I will do my best to play 888 Power at full throttle! Enjoy!”

Source: Ai Fairouz Twitter

 Crunchyroll confirmed earlier this year that they will be simulcasting Chainsaw Man for English-language audiences.

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