Illumination and Nintendo finally revealed their first look for the The Super Mario Bros. Movie with its debut trailer. 

Source: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Illumination, Nintendo), 2023

The trailer was revealed during a special Nintendo Direct that began with Shigeru Miyamoto explaining how he and the Illumination team had fun making The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Illumination CEO and Founder Chris Meledandri added that over seven years of work had culminated in the movie wrapping up in mere days. Only lighting and compositing remained, along with composers Bryan Tyler and Koji Kondo producing a score that uses music from the games.

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Chris Pratt (Mario) and Jack Black (Bowser) also shared their love of the games. Pratt even said voicing Mario was a “dream” of his, while Black mostly joked about gaining muscle, hair, and learning to breath fire to get into character. He did note the film would make an impact on the Super Mario fandom “for years to come.”

The Super Mario Bros. Movie via Nintendo of America YouTube

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer begins with Bowser’s typical lack of subtly; flying his fortress towards a kingdom of ice. After a pathetic attempt by the penguins of defending their home, Bowser melts the ice castle and obtains a Power Star. “I finally found it! Now who’s gonna stop me?!” Bowser bellows. It then cuts to Mario being hurled out of a Warp Pipe.

While Chris Pratt seemingly uses his natural speaking voice, we do hear it being slightly more falsetto and with a slight New York accent. While we don’t hear from Charlie Day, we do briefly see Luigi running from Dry Bones in what seems to be Bowser’s castle.

Source: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Illumination, Nintendo), 2023

The trailer also confirms a new April 7th 2023 premiere date, delayed from December 21st this year. More footage and trailers were promised to be revealed “in the coming months.”

What do you make of this first trailer? What about Pratt’s voice work for Mario?

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