The departure of Walter Hamada from DC Films and Warner Bros. is official and the executive/former producer will no longer be associated with either entity.

Source: DC FanDome – Multiverse

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Deadline has reported that Hamada left the Burbank lot after 15 years with the studio as head of the New Line Cinema division, which produced Black Adam, and later DC.

He was appointed President of DC Films in 2018 and actually signed an extension earlier this year that was supposed to run through 2023, according to the report. That deal was terminated early and now the former man in charge is waiting on a finalized exit payout.

Hamada is only the latest figure from the short-lived WarnerMedia days to leave his post now that David Zaslav and Discovery have taken over. The exits of former Chairman Toby Emmerich, head of Warner Bros. studios Ann Sarnoff, and HBO Max content chief Jason Kilar preceded him.

Source: “Bloomberg Big Decisions: Discovery CEO David Zaslav” via Bloomberg Markets and Finance, YouTube

Hamada’s tenure was brief but it was fraught with a lot of drama that mainly centered around the Snyderverse.

He was accused of racism and enabling Joss Whedon’s behavior by Justice League star Ray Fisher even though the exec wasn’t working there at the time of the reported incidents.

He did intend to softly reboot the DCEU, however, and exalt his own ideas that would stymie the returns of Henry Cavill to the cape of Superman and Ben Affleck to the cowl of Batman.

Source: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice (2016), Warner Bros. Pictures

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His preference was developing two new standalone projects each encompassing a Man of Steel of color — one produced by J.J. Abrams with a script by Ta-Nehisi Coates and one starring Michael B. Jordan as Val-Zod.

The proposal to solve DC Films’ figurative Dark Knight of the Soul was to replace Ben Affleck with Michael Keaton, who would become a senior sage and mentor for younger heroes from The Flash to Batgirl.

None of that is on the docket anymore with Zaslav canceling films left and right and it’s unclear what’s in store for Keaton after The Flash.

Source: Batman Returns (1992), Warner Bros. Entertainment

The writing was on the wall for Hamada among insiders for some time now so it’s not a big surprise he is gone. His replacement, one Zaslav wants to serve as DC’s answer to Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige, hasn’t been found yet.

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