A new rumor claims that Indiana Jones 5 test screenings are abysmal and that Disney is in a panic over their poor ratings.

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The rumor comes from YouTuber Overlord DVD who claims his Hollywood spies told him, “While we are still digging into this, we feel it’s time to bring you up to speed on KK and Indy 5. Allegedly, but we have enough to believe some of this, Indy 5 is bad.

He continued, “You know this, but we’ve been told that Disney has test screenings of not one ending, but six different endings and not a one can get a good audience score.”

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A little bit later in the video, he shared more of the information he received from his spies, “We’ve been told out of the six endings they tested the best one gets a 35% approval from test audiences.”

“We’ve been told that Bridge put the hat on in every ending,” he added.

Overlord DVD then clarified, “All my spies actually said was Phoebe Waller-Bridge puts on Indy’s hat, takes Indy’s whip, and in a brave and stunning display of girl power she becomes the besest Indy evar at the end of all six version of the movie.”

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – MAY 26: (L-R) Kathleen Kennedy, President, Lucasfilm honors composer John Williams on his 90th birthday at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, California on May 26, 2022. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

The YouTuber also asserts that Disney is in panic over the poor test screenings saying, “Disney is absolutely freaking out about this. They know this movie is going to bomb big time, which is why they’ve delayed it as long as they have despite it being finished.”

He added, “And according to rumors from my Hollywood spies there is talk that Chapek may decide not to release it and take a tax write off for it or to dump it onto Disney+ and hope that enough train wreck rubberneckers will sign up for the D+ service just to take a look out of morbid curiosity.”

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA – MAY 26: (L-R) Harrison Ford and James Mangold attend the studio showcase panel at Star Wars Celebration for the fifth installment of the “Indiana Jones” franchise in Anaheim, California on May 26, 2022. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney)

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This latest rumor comes on the back of a rumor from June 2021 where Overlord DVD indicated that Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character would replace Indiana Jones.

In that video he explained, “Two endings are supposedly being considered in this script. I guess they’ve been written and they are going to shoot both of them.  Both endings allegedly have old Indiana Jones dying at the end of this movie.”

“But in one of the end of the rumored endings, young Indiana Jones dies alongside old Indiana Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge swoops in like a vulture, picks the hat up, and takes his place moving forward,” he adds.

That rumor appeared to be confirmed by The Daily Mail when their Showbusiness Editor Katie Hind reported in September 2021, “Phoebe Waller-Bridge is being tipped to replace the veteran actor as a female version of the fictional professor of archaeology in the adventure movie franchise.”

One anonymous source told Hind about the rumor, “It would be a huge statement, and a great role for Phoebe.”

Another source stated, “The gossip on the set is that this character will slot into the leading role.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Donald Glover is Lando Calrissian and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is L3-37 in SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY.

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Lucasfilm announced Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s addition to the film in a press release back in April 2021. It read, “Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag, Solo: A Star Wars Story) will star alongside Harrison Ford, who is returning to the role of the legendary hero archaeologist, for the fifth installment of the iconic franchise.”

The film’s director James Mangold commented on Waller-Bridge’s addition to the film, “I’m thrilled to be starting a new adventure, collaborating with a dream team of all-time great filmmakers.”

He added, “Steven, Harrison, Kathy, Frank, and John are all artistic heroes of mine. When you add Phoebe, a dazzling actor, brilliant creative voice and the chemistry she will undoubtedly bring to our set, I can’t help but feel as lucky as Indiana Jones himself.”

Phoebe Waller-Bridge via Vogue YouTube

Indiana Jones 5 is expected to be released on June 30, 2023.

What do you make of this latest rumor regarding Indiana Jones 5?

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