Just as the transition of director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran taking power at DC Studios was taking place, DCU actor Jason Momoa received some news that excited him immensely.

Jason Momoa via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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We don’t know what it is yet as it’s confidential and he thus can’t talk about it. However, Momoa made a video update to Instagram to mark the occasion.

He ebulliently shared that he received “some of the greatest news of his life” and punctuated his remarks with “F*** YES!” The thrilled star then requested everyone remember the date – November 6th – and blew a kiss.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in  Aquaman (2018), Warner Bros.

Additionally, Momoa referred to someone as “Maestro” which, as this could be one of a few important people the actor has worked with, has people guessing.

YouTuber and DC scooper Syl Abdul, who has been on the money lately with his exclusives, has guesses of his own and discussed them in a recent video covering Momoa’s moment on Cloud 9.

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There is “no concrete answer” yet for who “Maestro” is, Abdul says, but the two prime suspects in Momoa’s circle are a photographer he once called that nickname and none other than Justice League director Zack Snyder.

The suspicion that Maestro is Snyder stems from Ezra Miller calling him “Mr. Maestro” once during a DC FanDome panel. Although that is a rather superficial clue, it is telling because there is no news more monumental or relevant here than the return of Zack Snyder to DC.

Source: Aquaman (2018), Warner Bros. Entertainment

Momoa is one of Snyder’s biggest and most public supporters. He was one of the first to see and wow at the rough version of the Snyder Cut; and, moreover, we’ve been hearing and reporting continually about the restoration of the Snyderverse.

Henry Cavill’s return to Superman, and Ben Affleck’s to Batman, is allegedly just the beginning. Justice League and Man of Steel sequels have likewise been mentioned in reports as if they are a foregone conclusion.

Zack Snyder via HBO Max YouTube

Momoa has a very active and wide-ranging career with a couple of franchise pots boiling but DC is arguably the most crucial, and it’s one he talks about the most as a place for his “dream” projects.

In a different clip, Abdul shows Momoa is being interviewed by ET Canada and is asked about Cavill’s comeback. The interviewer points out this increases the chance of the Justice League getting back together which spurs Momoa to bring up Gunn, Safran, and an undisclosed dream project.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman in Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021), Warner Bros. Entertainment

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Momoa teased big things happening under their watch including something near and dear to him coming soon which could be Lobo. The space bounty hunter is a favorite of the actor and one thing he’s wanted to bring to the screen as far back as his Batman v Superman audition.

And James Gunn got people buzzing this week with his Mastodon post prominently showing The Main Man

James Gunn Mastodon

Momoa had a reaction to that during yet another recent interview – this one with ComicBook.com.

“The comic I collected the most, and I have every comic there is, you can do your research and find out what it is,” he said, blatantly implying Lobo.

If all that speculation and teasing wasn’t sufficient, Syl Abdul added his theory that Gunn might secretly be setting in motion a Marvel vs. DC movie, an undertaking they’d have deemed impossible years ago.

Source: Justice League (2017), Warner Bros.

Now, anything is fair game, including an actor playing two heroes in one universe it seems. All potentialities are on the table and that is all we can say for right now.

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