‘Dark Matter’ Creator Joseph Mallozzi Provides Update On The Future Of The Sci-Fi Series

Roger Cross as Six, Jodelle Ferland as Five, Melissa O'Neil as Two, Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Marc Bendavid as One, and Anthony Lemke as Three in Dark Matter

Dark Matter creator Joseph Mallozzi recently provided an update on the future of the beloved sci-fi series.

Anthony Lemke as Three in Dark Matter

Back in September 2021, Mallozzi revealed he finished a first draft for Dark Matter miniseries writing on his blog, “Huzzah!  I finished the first draft of my pitch for the Dark Matter miniseries.  I spent a couple of hours sourcing images to incorporate into the document, will take the weekend to review and polish, then send Jay’s way on Monday.”

Mallozzi then teased, “I’ll eventually post it here on this blog for you all to check out before we go out with it.  Ideally, I’d love to have an actor, maybe even a cast member, record an audio version of the pitch and then hire an editor to assemble visuals drawn from the original series.”

Alex Mallari Jr. as Four, Melissa O’Neil as Two, Roger Cross as Six, Marc Bendavid as One, and Jodelle Ferland as Five in Dark Matter

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On September 13th he provided a further update indicating he had sent the pitch to producer Jay Firestone, “Sent the Dark Matter miniseries pitch Jay’s way this morning and included some ideas on how we can proceed. I await word on next steps.”

He added, “In the meantime, I’m thinking of uploading the written pitch for you all to check out and find out what the plan is.”

Alex Mallari Jr. as Four in Dark Matter

Mallozzi then began sharing the pitch in piecemeal to his blog on September 14th. He began, “Are people born bad or are they products of their environment?  Is redemption possible for everyone?  Does remembering your past make you more or less doomed to repeat it?  These were just a few of the questions at the heart of Dark Matter, a science fiction series that ran for three seasons, from 2015 to 2017 on SyFy and Netflix.”

He goes on to provide a brief synopsis of the original Dark Matter series noting it follows “the crew of The Raza, six individuals who awaken from stasis with no memories of who they are or how they got on board.  They quickly discover that they are criminals – the worst of the worst – and immediately seek to forge a new path for themselves.”

After providing brief synopses of the first three seasons of the show, he detailed what the miniseries will focus on, “We are proposing a six episode miniseries that would offer the existing fanbase, and new viewers alike, a self-contained story that sees our crew reassemble after a three year absence to take down this otherworldly threat.”

This otherworldly threat, an alien invasion, was introduced at the end of season 3.

Dark Matter

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On November 24th, Mallozzi shared an update regarding the status of the future of Dark Matter.

First he revealed the series had switched from streaming on Netflix to CW Seed. He wrote, “Had a chat with Jay Firestone (President of Prodigy Pictures) about Dark Matter the other day.  The show has moved off Netflix and over to CW Seed which has the potential to be a very good thing – provided enough viewers check it out.”

Anthony Lemke as Three in Dark Matter

He then laid out a number of scenarios for the show’s future, “In an unlikely best case scenario, the show gets so many eyes on the platform that CW approaches us about more Dark Matter.”

“[A] still pretty good scenario would see moderate enough traffic coming to the platform to check out the show that, if and when the time comes and the network is approached about more Dark Matter, they may actually be receptive to the idea,” he noted.

Andrew Moodie as Teku Fonsei in Dark Matter

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As for what form Dark Matter continues in, Mallozzi detailed, “A full season would be unlikely – but ideal.  A wrap-up movie would be a stronger possibility.  Not my first choice, but I’d take it.  No, my first choice would be a 6-8 episode miniseries that would allow me to cover the alien invasion arc planned for the show’s fourth season.”

He added, “And, if that miniseries does well, maybe we’d get a second that would, in turn, allow me to cover the android rebellion arc planned for the show’s fifth and final season. In all of the aforementioned cases, rather than picking up the series were we left off, I’d look to do a 5 Years Later/Getting the Band Back Together storyline.”

Melissa O’Neill as Two in Dark Matter

However, even if he’s unable to get a miniseries or a TV movie, he revealed he could also finish it in comic book form or as an audio drama.

For the comic book he stated, “I do like this idea in that it offers a creatively expansive alternative to completing our journey, one unconstrained by budgetary concerns or production realities.  Surprisingly, this wasn’t truly an option before, but it is now.”

And then as for the audio drama he said, “Another option which was floated – that was mentioned before but I never really warmed to – was the possibility of going the audio drama route for somewhere like Spotify.  In an ideal scenario, we would bring the entire cast back to reprise their roles.  In this case, we would be able to pick up our story directly on the heels of the season 3 cliffhanger.”

Regardless of what form it eventually ends up in, Mallozzi encourages fans of the show and newcomers to stream the series on CW Seed to “see if we can nudge things along.”

Melissa O’Neill as Two, Jodelle Ferland as Five, and Anthony Lemke as Three in Dark Matter

What do you make of this update on Dark Matter? How would you want the series to continue?

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