Crowdfunded MonsterVerse Omnibus Collection By Legendary Comics To Feature New Godzilla Story By Brian Buccellato

Screenshot-Omnibus collection cover
Art by Zid for Legendary Comics' Monsterverse Omnibus Collection

The MonsterVerse continues in print as well. Legendary Comics is putting all its MonsterVerse stories thus far together into one collection this year that includes a new story. “Call to Action” is a tale exclusive to the MonsterVerse Omnibus, taking place during the events of Godzilla vs. Kong, and is brand-new to the ten-year continuity.

Kong and bright Godzilla

Round 2 in Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), Legendary Pictures

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A crowdfunded project, the all-new story is about “a Naval fighter pilot with a personal attachment to Godzilla is put to the test when his squadron is called upon to intercept the King of the Monsters,” says the Kickstarter campaign description. The writer is Brian Buccelato who’s known for writing Batman, The Flash, and Injustice for DC as well as The Black Bat for Dynamite Comics.

Kingdom Kong and Skull Island: The Birth of Kong artist Zid returns to illustrate, continuing his long working relationship with Legendary Comics. The former two books are included in the Omnibus along with Godzilla: Dominion, Godzilla: Awakening, and Godzilla: Aftershocks which introduced readers to the MUTO Prime. Backers will be rewarded with all these together in a digital bundle.

GVK Godzilla Dominion cover

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Getting the MonsterVerse collection in a PDF comes with an exclusive wallpaper for laptops, desktops, or mobile devices. A disclaimer says item designs aren’t final but the wallpaper is a colored version of a GVK teaser image released by Adam Wingard and Playmates months before the film’s release. It shows Kong rearing back to punch Godzilla during their Hong Kong battle.

This prize is for pledges of $15 or more. Pledges of $99 earn “the Kickstarter-exclusive hardcover” edition which is oversized at 7″x11″ – and boasts an approximate page count of 500. The hardcover prize also comes with a deluxe omnibus slipcase that is only available to backers and not through retail. Backers total 1,837 with late pledges still being accepted.

Screenshot - Legendary Omnibus kickstarter

Godzilla vs. Kong wallpaper for Omnibus campaign backers

Legendary launched the Kickstarter on December 14th and surpassed all their fundraising goals within a month. They raised over $125,000 by January 3rd and soon exceeded that number to reach $209,742.

The campaign closed on Jan. 13th but non-backers can still pre-order the Omnibus and other items including a Titanus Doug Plushie. Everything is scheduled to ship in October.

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