Few people live tougher lives than celebrities. Actress Salma Hayek is no exception. And she recently revealed one of her personal tragedies: her sexiness prevented her from getting every job she’s ever wanted.

Salma Hayek in the 1996 movie 'From Dusk Till Dawn.'

‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996), Miramax / Dimension Films

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On Feb. 6, the UK version of GQ Magazine published a profile on Hayek. In it, she details some of the struggles she has had to overcome. Author Olivia Pym eases her readers into the story by laying out the setting of the interview. 

“In a room heady with the scent of burning fig candles, Hayek Pinault, dressed in a black crochet cardigan and fuzzy platform sliders, appears supernatural,” Pym writes. “At her feet her bleach-white dog, Lobito (meaning ‘little wolf’), is eyeing the plate of emoji-perfect chocolate chip cookies on the table between us.”

Salma Hayek in a scene from 'Wild Wild West' (1999).

‘Wild Wild West’ (1999), Warner Bros.

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After a little bit more introduction, the interview gets going and Hayek begins relaying some of the hardships that she, a sexy woman, has had to face.

“I was typecast for a long time,” Hayek tells Pym. “My entire life I wanted to do comedy and people wouldn’t give me comedies. I couldn’t land a role until I met Adam Sandler, who put me in a comedy [2010’s Grown Ups], but I was in my forties! They said, ‘You’re sexy, so you’re not allowed to have a sense of humour.’”

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And towards the end of the article Hayek talks about a recently released male stripper movie in which she stars. “More than being a movie about an older woman falling in love with a younger guy, it’s about a middle-aged woman that has a lot of potential and is sick of being undermined her entire life.” Is there subtext in that statement? Perhaps.

All in all it’s just a tough read and it serves as a reminder that it’s never easy being a sexy woman. It also serves as a reminder that readers don’t have to go to just Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Vogue to read girlie articles. They now can go to GQ and other magazines for men to get them as well.

Salma Hayek in a scene from 'The Hitman's Bodyguard' (2017).

‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ (2017), Lionsgate Films

On a related note, on Feb. 8, The Daily Caller published, “Salma Hayek Brought The ‘Magic Mike’ Strippers Home With Her.” In this day and age when both progressives and conservatives constantly lecture the peasants on the “coarseness of our society” and the “need for civility and decorum,” it’s quite uplifting to see a story about a married woman bringing male strippers home with her.

Ultimately, though, Salma Hayek has not had it easy. And while a majority of everyday Americans are struggling just to make ends meet, it’s clear that their struggles are nothing compared with what she’s faced; nothing compared to the tragedy of how her sexiness has kept her from getting every job she has ever wanted.

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