Genshin Impact developer is weighing their options after a recent set of sexual misconduct accusations turned Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor behind the game’s 5-star Dendro archer and forest ranger Tighnari, from hunter to the hunted.

Tighnari VA

HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact’s Tighnari English Voice Actor Announcement via Twitter

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Ever since the February 7th publication of a Google Doc containing a laundry list of misconduct allegations against Gindi, including grooming underage fans and engaging in sexual behavior with them, the voice actor has been facing major backlash from fans, with several even demanding that HoYoverse recast his role as Tighnari.

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@FretCore via Twitter

And despite Gindi responding to the accusations by both apologizing for some of his actions and denying others, it seems as if nothing short of at least the voice actors resignation could quell the escalating firestorm that had already been unleashed. 

dori, collei, tighnari

HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact’s Dori, Collei, and Tighnari celebrating the game’s 2nd anniversary illustrated by @cognosphere via Official Website

Most notable among the throngs of players demanding Gindi’s recasting were his very own Genshin Impact colleagues.

“Everything Elliot has done has left me so angry and triggered,” tweeted Brianna Knickerbocker, the English VA for Hu Tao. “There needs to be consequences for his actions. There needs to be support for the victims. BELIEVE VICTIMS.”

Hu Tao VA

Brianna Knickerbocker via Twitter

Claiming to have been contacted personally by Gindi shortly after the Google Doc went live, English-language Paimon VA Corina Boettger detailed, “I was one of the people he called before this all came out 2 days ago to ‘come clean’. Which I don’t know why. Besides a few random tweets I haven’t had a direct conversation with him since I think August last year. I feel gross that he came to me.”

Paimon VA

Corina Boettger via Twitter

“Worse is that he told another person that I ‘took it well,'” she continued. “Which makes me feel gross that he thought I was on his side. I wasn’t. Even him watering down the situation I told him it was bad. And yeah over the call I didn’t yell or freak out but that doesn’t mean I was okay. I shut down.”

Paimon VA2

Corina Boettger via Twitter

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Knickerbocker then noted, “My partner has had to deal with my mental state for the aftermath of this & it is not good. Cause at that point Elliot told me he didn’t think anyone would come forward because he ‘talked to them’ which really just tells me he tried to manipulate them more.”

Paimon VA3

Corina Boettger via Twitter

“But I was immediately in a position where I was thinking ‘who do I go to… I have to let people know he isn’t safe’,” the VA explained. “Luckily shortly after that call someone else reached out to me and notified me that things were in motion, people were being notified, and then they also sent me the actual severity of what happened.”

Paimon VA4

Corina Boettger via Twitter

Asserting that she “knew he wasn’t giving me the full truth,” Boettger further alleged, “He even alluded to me that because one of the victims had a mental disorder that they don’t really have the wherewithal to come forward. Which completely broke me.”

Paimon VA5

Corina Boettger via Twitter

“To be honest I disassociated through the conversation so I am only remembering what I can but my partner was there during the conversation and I was on speakerphone so I know I didn’t imagine it,” she confessed. “But I am autistic. I know with previous experience how I was scouted by abusers because of it. Cause then my word would not be trusted.”

Paimon VA6

Corina Boettger via Twitter

“Also when he told me he made sure everything was deleted so they have no ‘real proof’ I told him that was stupid,” Boettger added. “Cause if you did nothing wrong you wouldn’t have had them delete anything. He knew. He knew what he was doing was wrong and he did it anyway.”

Paimon VA7

Corina Boettger via Twitter

She then stated, “And I feel so gross and sick that he came to me like I was a friend when I never was. I had a feeling from the start something was off about him but I said nothing because you’re not supposed to judge people instantly like that. I feel like maybe if I had spoken up no one would have gotten hurt.”

Paimon VA8

Corina Boettger via Twitter

“But all I had was my gut instinct at the time,” Boettger ultimately concluded her thread. “Thank you to those that came forward. It isn’t easy. You didn’t deserve this. And I’m sorry this happened to you.”

Paimon VA9

Corina Boettger via Twitter

That same day, Genshin Impact English voice director Chris Faiella vowed to use any and all influence that he has with HoYoverse to “rectify the situation.”

“I personally would like to champion the ones who stepped forward and brought all of this to light,” Faiella tweeted. “Trust that I am doing everything that I can, using what limited power I do have, to rectify this situation and will absolutely inform the folks at miHoYo.”

Genshin VA Director

Chris Faiella via Twitter

Finally weighing in on the situation on February 9th, HoYoverse shared a statement to GamesRadar+ and Kotaku asserting, “We deeply regret the harm and damage that happened to our fans, gamers, community, and anyone affected.”

“Both our internal teams and external partners including our voice acting studio have been working together on an urgent solution,” assured the Chinese developer. “And we will keep you posted on the progress.”

Tighnari Research

Tighnari conducting research in Genshin Impact “Tighnari: When All Is Said” Character Teaser Trailer (2022), HoYoverse via Twitter

Though HoYoverse has yet to follow up on the situation, on February 11th, Boettger would return to her initial thread with a compliation of screenshots showing Gindi continuing to contact victims through various burner accounts (as reportedly confirmed by Boettger herself).

According to the screenshots, Gindi has reportedly not only taken to harassing his supposed victims, but has even threatened suicide and asked one alleged victim to send a topless picture of herself to prove that she was 14.


HoYoverse’s Genshin Impact’s Tighnari illustrated by @cognosphere via Twitter

Ultimately, HoYoverse confirmed they would part ways with Gindi on February 15th.

“Dear Travelers, after communications with the voice recording agency, we hereby confirm that Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor for Tighnari will no longer be voicing the character in subsequent versions due to a breach of contract.” the official Genshin Impact Twitter account announced.

Genshin Gindi

Genshin Impact via Twitter

At present, we are communicating with the voice recording agency regarding matters of casting and re-recording,” they concluded. “We will gradually replace Tighnari’s existing in-game voice lines, and issue these updates in the corresponding announcements. Thank you for your support, Travelers!”

genshin gindi

Genshin Impact via Twitter

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