Studio Pierrot Announces End Of ‘Boruto: Naruto Next Generations’ Part One, Confirms Four-Part ‘Naruto’ Special For Later This Year

Boruto and Kawaki
Boruto and Kawaki in Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation Episode 287 "One Worth Betting On" (2023), Pierrot via Official Website

After Fans have long joked about the ridiculous amount of filler Studio Pierrot used to stretch out the debut part of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime, but now, after six long years, the Naruto sequel series has finally announced the end of its debut run.

Naruto/Boruto visual

Naruto 20th Anniversary Visual Series #4 “Inheritance to the Future” (2022), Studio Pierrot via Twitter

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Premiering in April 2017, Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation was initially announced as an anime adaptation of the manga written by Ukyo Kodachi until chapter 52 then taken over by original creator Masashi Kishimoto with art by Mikio Ikemoto which follows the seventh Hokage Naruto’s son Boruto and the next generation of ninja.   

boruto kawaki sarada naruto

Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada, Naruto, Mitsuki, Amado, Code, Eida, Sasuke in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 58 “The Right Jobs for Idiots and Bastards” (2021), Shueisha. Words by Masashi Kishimoto and Art by Mikio Ikemoto via Digital Issue

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On March 8th, Studio Pierrot released a statement via the official Naruto website confirming that “episode 293, set to air on March 26th (JST),will mark the last episode of the first part of the series.”

Further, Studio Pierrot also reassured fans of the series’ future by announcing that “The NARUTO & BORUTO saga’s not over yet! Part two of the anime is already in the works!

Boruto announcement

Boruto Part 1 Finale Announcement via Official Website

Though Boruto’s second part has yet to receive an official release date, Naruto fans will thankfully not be deprived of content for too long.

As part Studio Pierrot’s Naruto 20th anniversary celebration, the studio will not only be rebroadcasting select episodes of the original Naruto anime to Japanese audiences beginning in July, but they will also premiere a brand-new, four-part special surrounding the famous blonde-haired ninja later this September.

Naruto 20th anniversary

Naruto 20th Anniversary Visual Series #1 (2022), Pierrot via Official Website

In light of the news that Boruto’s first part was finally coming to an end, series scriptwriter Honda Masaya confirmed via Twitter that he will be writing the script for the upcoming four episode Naruto 20th anniversary special.

“The day has finally arrived when we can announce that there are only three episodes left in the first part of BORUTO,” an excited Masaya informed fans. “They are all hot episodes with sparks flying. Part II, and a completely new NARUTO anime, is in the works, so stay tuned!!”


Source: Honda Masaya Twitter

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Part 1 will officially conclude on March 26th. English simulcasts will be available on both Crunchyroll and Hulu.

boruto viz

Source Viz Media Twitter

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